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Asset Mapping for Risk Reduction in Facilities


To deal with facility emergencies, the first step is to know what assets you have and where they are. Next, you need a clear map of shut-off valves, emergency exits, and breaker boxes to fix problems and stop damage.

This is why asset mapping is the first step in risk reduction and disaster planning that works.

With CloudApper’s facility management software, you can add information about where your assets are to your digital floor plans. If you haven’t already mapped all of your assets or if your current maps are on paper, CloudApper facility management software makes a living map that:

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It shows all of your assets in one place, is accessible to your whole team, and is easy to change.

Let’s look at five ways asset mapping software can help you make your operations safer.

Cuts down on response time.

Your server room is full of water because a pipe broke and burst. There is a better time to go to the plan room, dig through file folders to find the nearest shut-off, and then struggle to find that shut-off because your shut-off valve chart needs to be updated. When you finally turn off the water, your servers are already dead. If you had acted faster, you could have saved valuable equipment and data worth millions of dollars and stopped much work from being intercepted.

When you use software to map all of your assets to your floor plans, it’s easy to find things you need in an emergency. You can also make separate maps for evacuation routes, emergency exits, valves that turn off the power, and control panels.

Because everything is done digitally by the CloudApper Facilities layout mapping system:

It’s easy to update your maps as your structure changes. All of your asset maps are kept in one place. The maps can be viewed on mobile devices, so team members can take them with them wherever they go.

Everyone on your team can see the maps, so even new techs know right away where everything is.

It shows how assets are connected.

Because many building systems are linked to each other, rarely, a single action will only affect one thing in your building. You want to avoid finding out the hard way that flipping the switch on the control panel six turns off the med gas panel in a decommissioned OR and the panel in a life OR during a surgery.

If people don’t know what will happen if they do certain things, it could make problems worse.

The CloudAppers Layout mapping system keeps track of how all the systems in your building are connected. For example, your layout map can show where all of your electrical panels are and what they are connected to, and how they work. It is a simple way to show what comes before and after each asset. Your employees will know precisely what will happen when they push a button or pull a lever, so they won’t do anything they shouldn’t.

Gives everyone access to critical information

Every crew that does maintenance has an “Ed.” Ed has been in this building since it first opened. He’s seen numerous remodels and enhancements. He knows where everything is at all times.

So, when there’s a problem, everyone turns to Ed. You may have gotten out of trouble with that in the past, but Ed will soon retire or go on vacation (or has poor cellphone reception). So, what’s the next step?

It is hazardous to rely on one person’s memory, especially in an emergency where every second counts. Ed’s thoughts are replaced by software that maps out the layout of the building and stores everything in a way that everyone on the team can use. Your asset mapping program, not Ed’s memory, is now the central place to find information about the facility and where things are.

Helps with inspections and ensuring compliance

One crucial part of reducing risk is ensuring that your facilities comply with any rules that apply and are inspected regularly. A system for mapping the layout of a building can also be beneficial here:

Marks the location of each asset that needs to be inspected. It lets you create inspection paths to ensure every asset is looked at.

Serves as an easy-to-follow map for inspectors from outside the company.

Depending on the facilities software you use, a layout mapping system can be integrated with your inspection software and maintenance management tool to give you a full view of the inspection/compliance lifecycle.

Let’s say you use CloudApper Facilities to map, maintain, and inspect your assets. The way these three parts of the software platform work together lets you:

  • First, make a map of your assets and the best ways to check on them.

  • Next, make a list of things to check on each type of asset.

  • Give each member of the team an inspection route.

  • Keep track of when and who checked out each purchase.

  • Make work orders and give them to the people who will fix any assets that fail inspection.

Show that your buildings have passed all safety and compliance checks with ease.

And maybe most important of all? When regulatory bodies ask for them, you can easily show them the results of all inspections and the procedures you initiated to fix the problems. Even if you have the best compliance program in the world, regulatory staff can only help you if they get the information they need.

Helps people who work in emergency situations

Have clear, up-to-date maps of your facilities to show law enforcement, emergency workers, or repair people where to go. This can make response times faster and help external partners make their plans of action.

For people unfamiliar with your buildings, the asset layout mapping feature can be used to make maps showing where the exits are and how to get out.

You can map out your way to better risk mitigation with the help of CloudApper facilities.

As you can see, asset maps are essential for reducing property damage, lost productivity, and safety concerns in your operation. They can also help with inspections and managing maintenance.

See how easy it is to map your assets with CloudApper Facilities by using the layout map tool. You can also make an appointment for a demo and talk to one of our experts!

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