Having 10 different systems or procedures for a single task is not very efficient, and no one likes it. Why should facilities management be any different? That’s the idea behind integrated facilities management (IFM). This article covers the benefits of integrated facilities management compared to conventional methods that are still practiced today. 

What Is Integrated Facilities Management?

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) refers to the consolidation of facility management efforts under a single discipline to ensure the smooth functioning of buildings and facilities, which includes comfort, safety, and efficiency by integrating people, processes, and technology.

Many managers across industries still rely on conventional methods, such as pen and paper to keep a track of their routine maintenance and repair activities, which isn’t very cost-effective or efficient. Integrated facilities management isn’t a radical idea. Managers need to think about transitioning to a modern facility management mindset. Think about data – it isn’t siloed anymore. Data is now aggregated and organized across the spectrum. And the same applies to managing facilities. 

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With the advent of modern facility management software, like CloudApper’s Facility Manager, transitioning to integrated management has become easier and attainable. 

The Benefits of Integrated Facilities Management

Saves Money

Cost-effectiveness is one of the biggest motivators behind an IFM transformation. IFM ensures lower operational costs through consolidation and is a great example of economies of scale. Especially for larger organizations with multiple facilities, IFM is a smart move because hiring a team of experts to manage multiple facilities can be very costly. IFM helps to pinpoint where too much money is being spent, wasted, or not being properly managed.

Focus on Core Business

Integrated facilities management is now achievable with CloudApper’s Facility Management software. This allows managers to focus on big-picture goals and efficiently manage day-to-day activities. Instead of bouncing between multiple tasks or teams, the birds-eye view ultimately allows managers to align tasks with the core business goals. 


Streamlined Operations

Consolidating all your facilities management activities under one umbrella or a single point of contact saves time, energy, and money. Traditional practices are slow, inefficient, and costly. Using a paper-based approach will probably fill up your file cabinet, basement, or storeroom with a pile of papers. Using facility management software can improve the visibility of the entire operation, allows better management of teams, and improves decision-making.

Best Practice Sharing

Individual teams can share their best practices and innovations implemented at their respective locations. Facility management software can smoothen this process. The Facility Manager is a cloud-based application that can also be operated on mobile devices, allowing staff to access information, manuals, or work order requests from anywhere and anytime. 

Improves Response Time

When integration is done properly, work order requests and other notifications can be sent in real-time via mobile devices because modern applications allow this. This is especially beneficial for larger organizations managing multiple sites. Anyone can access the information, irrespective of whatever location they are at, and can respond to requests immediately.

Moving Towards IFM

There are two options. Either outsource your facilities management services, which can also be costly, or take advantage of technology. The term integrated facilities management is pretty much self-explanatory, it’s all about integration, and that includes software solutions that can bring together all the disparate elements of facility management onto a single platform. 

By creating a single point where all systems and processes can be managed, CloudApper’s Facility Manager makes integrated facilities management much easier to implement. The Facility Manager is a robust cloud-based web and mobile facility management software application that simplifies facilities and asset maintenance management tasks. 

Here are a few ways the Facility Manager can help make your business better:

The Benefits of Integrated Facilities Management Compared to Conventional Practices

  • Ensures comfortable, inviting spaces where employees, as well as customers, want to be.
  • Protects the safety of the workers.
  • Helps to meet government and industry standards and regulations.
  • Safeguards the quality and maintenance of the systems, equipment, and fixtures and protects them as investments.
  • Boosts the productivity of the workforce and the facility itself.

Moving towards integrated facilities management is a smart investment. To learn more about the Facility Manager, get in touch with us today, and see how we can work together to ensure the best for your business.