For those automating facilities management processes, a number of benefits are offered. For certain organizations, some benefits are more essential than for others. One of the first steps in contemplating the adoption of CAFM solutions is to understand the benefits that are most essential to each firm. Typically, the benefits of Computer-aided Facilities Management can be separated into five categories:

Cost-effective management of inventory

This is often the most essential advantage in justifying the cost of computer-aided facilities management (CAFM). avoidances made possible by CAFM and most of the cost savings fit into this category.

Support for individual projects

This benefit helps to make the work more accurate and quicker. Projects could involve, for example, drawing floor plans, tracking leases, developing space requirements, or maintenance requests.

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Data often have to benefit more than only facilities employees and management demands of facilities. It must also be summarized and reported in a presentation format to others. CAFM systems can be useful to improve the professional quality and timeliness of the delivery of such information.

Budget preparation and justification

The management of the facility is better able to develop and justify management budgets by tracking the cost data in each application area and employing certain trend analysis and projective capacities of CAFM.


It is crucial as corporate administration typically wants to know how well the facility management organization compares to others in the country. It is tough to make such comparisons and managers of facilities need to assemble data from their own organizations without demanding inappropriate employee time.

To add to the benefits of Computer-aided Facilities Management, such data must be compiled in a way similar to that of other organizations publishing benchmarking statistics. This information can be provided by CAFM in a timely and affordable way. Automating facility management does not just alleviate the issues of today’s facility manager; simplifying processes and improving decision making can also improve profitability and efficiency for a business.

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