We have seen some rapid changes in Computer-Aided Facility Management, also known as CAFM, technology over the last two decades. Despite this progress, computer-aided facility management’s primary function remains to help plan the operations and management of buildings and facilities.

Computer-aided facility management is also referred to as “Facility Management Software”, “Facility Management System”, or more recently “Integrated Workplace Management.” In any case, the purpose of CAFM software has not changed. The only thing that has changed is the amount of work facility managers have to put into facility management. CAFM has made life easier for facility managers. There is a rising cost of assets, maintenance, and time associated with buildings and sites, as they continue to increase in numbers. Two decades ago, tasks were assigned and allocated by papers, asset management was a paper-based checklist, and often there was a shortage of space due to large filing cabinets. However, advances in technology allowed some of the processes to be transferred to computer-based systems.

Computer-Aided Facility Management’s History in a Flash

Computer-aided facility management systems can be traced back to the 1960s when space forecasting applications were being developed and run on computers. Later in the 70s and 80s, as technology advanced, the systems started to incorporate more functionalities such as asset and maintenance management.

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Now, computer-aided facility management software solutions come with various built-in features, such as task management, documentation, compliance, and facility assessments.

Although it started as a web-based application, CAFM software applications now are either web-based or cloud-based or a mixture of both. For example, CloudApper’s Facility Manager is a cloud-based application that can be used in both ways – the web and the mobile application.

Progress in Facilities Management

Facility Management Software applications have had to grow and adapt to meet the growing responsibilities of facilities operations. Facility managers need access to more information to make better-informed decisions. These decisions impact the costs of reactive maintenance as they become more proactive in extending the life-cycle of facilities assets.

As a career option, facilities management has grown to include oversight of the operations of large building portfolios, whereas managers used to perform and manage maintenance on one or two buildings. For example, several hospitals merging to create a health system. This enables the sharing of resources, and in these circumstances, a computer-aided facility management system needs to meet the requirements of each facility.

Facility managers now are responsible for numerous tasks, such as overseeing catering, cleaning, reception desks, grounds maintenance, security, heating and cooling, routine repairs and maintenance, and more. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the working environment is safe and secure and that everything operates smoothly and efficiently. 

Choosing the Right Computer-Aided Facility Management System

There are many CAFM software solutions in the market. The niche community of suppliers has certainly grown in numbers.

Each progression in computer-aided facility management brings flexibility and a more customer-oriented approach towards service delivery. Even though many providers are offering CAFM solutions, to choose the right one you must consider the unique needs of your business.

Most facility managers probably already use some sort of facility management application in their business. However, it may not be supporting your business needs as much as you wanted it to.

CloudApper’s computer-aided facility management software, Facility Manager, is a powerful web and mobile-based cloud-application that is fully customizable with a drag and drop design editor. Anyone can customize the application to meet specific business needs, without any coding required. 

Moreover, as compliance is also a growing priority, CloudApper’s Facility Manager helps you to maintain detailed safety operations, clear reviews of maintenance plans, and precise facility inspection information to avoid compliance risks and fines.

For CloudApper’s Facility Management Software please get in touch with us or leave a comment below to learn more about our Facility Manager.