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Matthew Bennett | Posted on September 15, 2022 / in Facility Management / 653 views

Get Ready For an Explosion in Facilities Management Software


Artificial intelligence has become the great leveler, and this can be especially seen in business software. Innovations in the facilities management model looks to democratize the field, allowing a shift away from the traditional outsourcing of FM to a focus on local technology-based solutions. Software facilities management tools give businesses more control over their FM needs, and allow the integration of facilities management strategies into an increasingly data-driven operational workflow.

FM software’s, involves putting the latest in business technology to work in getting the most efficient and cost-effective use of a company’s facilities. By combining the management of office space, warehouses, retail areas and other physical properties under one system, a business can combine the advantages of a centralized management strategy with the latest advances in business information technology.

FM software is nothing new. Large corporations have been consolidating facilities management for decades, keeping costs down, streamlining upkeep and reducing waste with standardized company-wide policies. But until recently, growing small and medium sized businesses normally lacked the staff and experience to efficiently maintain large or multiple locations. Typically, smaller businesses had to rely on outsourcing to keep tabs on multiple facilities, or depend on local managers to keep facilities and personnel running smoothly. This often led to a breakdown of communication or a mismatch of policies between locations, causing waste and other inefficiencies.

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Now with the benefit of facilities management software, businesses can easily maintain local and faraway teams and properties all under one digital roof, implementing standard management strategies throughout the company. Further, FM software platforms allow this level of fine control without the need for a huge facilities management team, or having to outsource to an expensive dedicated firm.

As the world becomes more connected, a digital FM platform is the most logical tool for any company operating in the global space. Whether a company has multiple locations across town, across the country, or on the other side of the world, the ability for all facilities to have real-time digital access to a centralized control system is a game changer.

This is particularly the case for smaller companies expanding into the global marketplace. Competition from larger global corporations has been the bane of smaller businesses for decades. Too often the deep pockets of the big players allowed them the advantage of economy of scale. However, digital FM platforms even the playing field, letting smaller companies expand into global markets without the need for massive management teams and constantly traveling across the globe.

There has never been a better time for this kind of centralized FM solution. Diverse industries from hotels to tourism to healthcare are increasingly expanding across the globe, especially in developing areas such as Africa and the Middle East. The unprecedented growth of commerce and real estate in these markets cannot be downplayed. As high speed internet service becomes closer to ubiquity across the globe, the employment of centralized data-driven software solutions to facilities management is a no-brainer.

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