If you have already managed a facility, you know that overseeing the maintenance and management of a facility or production operation can be very challenging. The advent of modern cloud-based facility management software has transformed the face of facilities management and enhanced the overall performance of both small and large maintenance departments. With the right kind of tool, facility management can look simple, yet be successful.

Spare Parts Inventory Management

A disorganized maintenance management unit makes it hard for maintenance supervisors to locate the parts needed. Facility management software can help maintenance administrators to keep track of assets that may require immediate maintenance and enables automatic re-ordering of parts, to ensure they have the required spare parts available and can conduct repairs easily. A CMMS software, such as CloudApper’s CMMS also allows you to precisely locate where the needed parts are stored, which helps you save time instead of searching through storerooms.

Eliminate Paperwork

Using software for routine maintenance and administration of facilities removes the need for paperwork and notepads since the software can be used to record information automatically. Also, maintenance staff can access all information related to work orders on their mobile devices or the web. Hence, it helps maintenance experts to cut down on unnecessary hassle from searching for information through filing cabinets and folders.

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Boost Productivity

Modern cloud-based facility management software, such as CloudApper’s Facility Manager is compatible with mobile devices or tablets, which makes it possible for maintenance technicians to gain access to real-time information, check inventory, and begin work orders without going back to the workplace. This way technicians can cut down their transit time. CloudApper’s Facility Manager can also provide technicians with information about the processes, tools, and parts necessary to accomplish a task, hence they can work without any interruption or delay.

Enhance Safety

CloudApper’s Facility Manager or CMMS software helps businesses to regularly maintain and check equipment to ensure safety standards are followed and to avoid critical malfunctions or failures. This reduces the loss of work-hours from mishaps and makes your equipment safer for both workers and the environment.

Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Generally, maintenance and facility administration systems are required to adhere to national and global regulatory requirements. All maintenance administrators face occasional random inspections or audits by regulatory authorities. Facility Manager or CMMS software enables you to prove compliance with regulatory frameworks and reduces the amount of paperwork and preparation required for an audit. Maintenance managers can easily create reports showing the maintenance work done on important machinery. This makes compliance efforts traceable and mitigates the risk of being hit with a penalty for non-compliance. 

Reduce Downtime and Repair Costs

Downtime is costly, both in terms of revenue and the firm’s reputation and brand. When you have an organized maintenance system, you can concentrate on planned precautionary maintenance, and downtime is significantly reduced. Because facility management software allows you to routinely maintain assets, they are less likely to break down, meaning that maintenance costs are also reduced. 

Reduce Overtime

Good facility management software can decrease overtime considerably by eliminating the need for emergency maintenance and repairs. Through scheduled maintenance, repair workers can perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively. The cost benefits that companies achieve with the implementation of facility management or CMMS software can be astonishing, but it is essential to invest in a software system with the appropriate functionality by working with the right company to be successful.

A seasoned vendor, such as CloudApper can give you the support for top-notch successful facility management as your operations evolve. To learn more about CloudApper’s products, please contact us today to schedule a live demo and discover how CloudApper can help you optimize success in facility management.