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Matthew Bennett | Posted on January 17, 2022 / in Facility Management / 1875 views

6 Ways To Improve Stadium Facility Management


Stadium staff members can potentially enhance the overall stadium appearance and ensure it’s running smoothly with the right sports facility management system working behind the scenes. Indeed, regardless of the type of sporting event that is taking place, ensuring the proper facility management system is established can help create unforgettable experiences for spectators. In this article, we will be considering some of the most crucial methods to improve the quality of stadium facility management overall.

Shuttles, parking management, or VIP valets

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to line up in order to get a parking space or spending hours circling in the hunt for somewhere to park up, only to have to walk a mile regardless. With this in mind, having a detailed and interactive layout map can help solve many of the common parking-related problems and speedily get people into and out of the stadium by implementing traffic management strategies. The use of a layout map will also help your staff guide people efficiently to empty parking spots upon their arrival.

A welcoming landscape and playable fields

Offer visitors the best welcome possible with beautiful grounds and flowers that bloom in the spring; after all, first impressions are crucial to their overall enjoyment of the event. If you pay attention to details meticulously using regular preventative measures, people are going to notice. It’s not just your guests that matter, though; excellent playing conditions on turf are also essential for your team’s confidence and success.

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Your customers expect a quality service. Fortunately, all of this will be guaranteed when the facility staff is well-trained and has access to all of the necessary information while working prior to, during, and after your event. Ensuring your team has access to appropriate equipment, tools, and procedures, as well as using environmentally friendly cleaning products, will further boost this. Ideally, you should always select a facility management software provider that views janitorial services as science and understands the intricate details of venues for entertainment and sports; after all, one of the easiest ways to ruin an event is through poor hygiene and unkept facilities!

Comfortable temperature and lighting for guests

Good lighting in the playing space is a pretty obvious requirement, really, but this isn’t the only aspect you’ll need to consider when it comes to your event. Indeed, properly constructed, well-maintained lighting systems give you superior energy efficiency and longer service life. Massive improvements to parking lots and venue lighting can be achieved simply through the help of recent technological lighting advancements (e.g., LEDs). Retrofits and upgrades often tend to pay for themselves over time, too, so it’s a no-brainer in many cases.

The LEED certification or any other green environment

The benefits of green facilities are highly documented. Not only are reduced negative impacts on the environment excellent business practices to follow overall, but they can also help you gain trust within your community. Naturally, due to the magnitude of the stadium’s energy expenditure, it can have a significant impact on the city’s carbon footprint; reducing this is a sure way to promote your stadium locally. Furthermore, sustainable stadiums are even able to appeal to the most discerning of fan bases.

Continuous operations

A highly customizable facility management solution provider with years of expertise in managing entertainment and sports venues can help arrange everything, from pre-game preparations and quick switchovers to routine maintenance and more. They’re among the most well-equipped teams to help manage back-to-back games and last-minute changes in your team’s lineup or due to weather restrictions. The ideal facility management system can be seamlessly customized into your existing operations, ensuring that your customers will always enjoy the same high-quality, consistent service they’re used to, even if you manage multiple venues across several locations.

Achieving a fantastic fan experience is much more straightforward when you choose a single platform provider who can provide a full range of facilities and services (e.g., maintenance, visitor management, asset tracking, compliance, safety management, etc.) in one app and with multiple points to access and share information. Using a personalized facility management solution enhances the event’s efficiency, cost, reliability, and control over management. A well-maintained venue continually draws and retains the top patrons and employees and ensures that everyone has an enjoyable time, whether it’s all day or overnight.

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