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What is facility management software and how does it work?


Facility managers often find themselves in the position of balancing competing demands on their resources. On one hand they are required to manage the facilities under their care within budgets designed more for maximizing profits rather than for providing adequate maintenance of property and staff. At the same time, they are on the hook for any safety issues, equipment shutdown and regulatory violations that can stem from inadequate maintenance or insufficient personnel numbers. Facility managers must learn to get the most out of their often meager budgets, but they often lack the necessary time, experience or information to develop cost-efficient management strategies. This is where facility management software comes into play.

Dedicated software integrated company-wide gives facility managers the tools they need to gauge the financial effects of management decisions and consider alternate solutions to straddle the line between needs of facilities and the requirement to stay within budget. Instant access to and the automatic analysis of data from across multiple facilities allows management to observe which policies lead to wasted time and money, and which are effectively leading to greater profit for the company. Facility management software makes it easy to track the use of human or equipment resources to reduce down time, and monitor the effective use of space within facilities. Before the development of these digital tools, manual facilities management decisions could be expensive and error-prone.

One of the benefits of facilities management software is that it does not require a specialist to make use of the tools. In fact, smaller companies may even opt out of employing dedicated facilities managers, opting instead to task general management staff with monitoring and maintaining facilities and their personnel. The software puts a comprehensive array of facilities data from facility maintenance expenses to employee hours into the hands of any manager, all in easy to understand reports and charts.

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Still, it is the effective use of data that leads to the most profit-generating policies and decisions, so experienced facility managers will stand to make the most use of the software. Solutions like CloudApper Facilities give facility managers the tools they need to monitor the use and current status of equipment, track project deliverables, and keeps tabs on the responsibilities and progress of project team members.

What sets facility management software apart from general productivity software is the integrated tool set and interface designed with the challenges of facility management in mind. Data gathering algorithms specific to the field provide detailed reports and in-depth analysis of facilities information at the touch of a button, using easy to understand graphical interfaces. Gone are the days of sifting through reams of computer printouts trying to piece together connections between diverse sets of data. Smart digital tools connect the dots for you, instantly providing the most relevant data reports necessary to make important facilities decisions.

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