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Why Should You Move to Cloud-Based Facility Management Software?

If you are still keeping manual maintenance records or relying on spreadsheets, it is high time you move to cloud-based facility management software

Why? Because cloud platforms offer more features, better reliability, and more opportunities for customization – enabling you to streamline your operations like never before. In a nutshell, cloud-based facility management software is an ideal solution to manage multiple sites at once, and they are easy to implement because the technology is automated. 

That said, let’s dive deeper into why you should move to cloud-based facility management software today, such as CloudApper’s Facility Manager.

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Remote Access

Cloud-based facility management software provides a centralized database that can be accessed virtually anywhere, via any device like smartphones or tablets, and at any time. As our workforce becomes more dynamic and mobile, making people rely less on paper data, remote access is increasingly vital. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, proved that the capability of being able to work and access data remotely is instrumental. 

Additionally, cloud solutions provide real-time information, and with easier remote access, you will have a bird’s eye view of all the activities across your facilities. And real-time data yields real-time results through better decision making.

Cloud-based Facility Management Software Does Not Require Any Additional Installation Costs

The solution exists in the cloud, and unlike on-premise solutions, it does not require additional hardware or software to be installed. What you are doing is renting the software rather than purchasing it. It significantly reduces your capital expenditures or startup costs, in case you are starting a new business or expanding. 

Also, subscribing to the software means saving valuable time and effort to get it installed, tested, and allocated to its users. This is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses that can start implementing the tools right away without any worry or wait. 

Huge Cost Saving

If you are already using facility management software, it’s probably a legacy system. How much does it cost you per month or year? If you add up the licensing fee, individual user fee, software update costs, and hidden charges, the compounding costs can be extravagant.

Cloud solutions run on a SaaS model, and the reason why the SaaS model has grown exponentially in recent years is because it is much more cost-effective. You may have to a small subscription fee yearly or monthly, but they are profoundly less and much more inclusive. For example, we charge our clients only $10 per month, per user. 

Also, cloud-based facility management software lowers tangible costs across the balance sheet by providing better tools and more robust insights resulting in better overall facilities management. Each cost savings identified through the software is another dollar in ROI.

Avoid Data Loss

Almost every company today worries about data security. Especially when data is stolen or lost, it can result in severe consequences, and recovering the data can be nearly impossible. With cloud-based data management, your information is completely protected, and you don’t have to worry about theft or unexpected loss. Even during an unexpected disaster, for example, a fire or an earthquake, you will not lose the data because everything is stored in the cloud. 

Additionally, unlike on-premise solutions, cloud-based software is regularly updated with new security improvements and upgrades, all without any additional fees.

Make Your Maintenance Effortlessly Proactive with Cloud-based Facility Management Software

Keeping up with proactive maintenance was very difficult in the earlier days. Maintenance requests and documentation of completed work orders were usually recorded on paper that could be easily lost, misplaced, or destroyed. With the advent of cloud-based facility management software, maintenance can be streamlined and scheduled months in advance, meaning that even the smallest maintenance tasks never get missed.

Facility managers are also able to see the bigger picture. For example, view the next six months’ worth of maintenance activities all at once. This helps managers to fit in proactive tasks when there’s time, ensuring that preventive items don’t get forgotten or pile up, and result in a potentially disastrous problem.

CloudApper is currently the leading-edge provider of cloud solutions in the market. To learn how we can maximize your ROI, get in touch with us today!

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