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Sophia Steven | Posted on January 12, 2022 / in Fleet Management / 1247 views

10 Key Features a Fleet Management Application Can Provide

10 features of fleet management

CloudApper Fleet is a simple tool for fleet management solutions. This cloud-based fleet tracking software can optimize vehicle uses and provide analytics to generate reports of outcomes. Unlike many other fleet management applications, CloudApper Fleet is highly affordable, customizable, and user-friendly. The platform provides almost all key features of a fleet business that are necessary for streamlined vehicle management.

Features of Fleet Management

Driver Profiling

CloudApper Fleet can record all necessary information of drivers that can regulate drivers on working effectively. This profiling includes driver’s behavior, attributes, vehicle utilization, and key performance matrices. You can manage a detailed record of driver demographic information, photos, and license information as well. If any unusual circumstance occurs, you can look up if the driver had a previous record of similar activity.

VIN Decoding

All the vehicles have a unique VIN (vehicle identification number). However, most people do not know how to decode a VIN to get information about a vehicle. CloudApper Fleet can decode VIN. VIN decoding enables an easy record of vehicles.

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Remote Access

CloudApper Fleet provides remote accessibility. It is a cloud-based app that can be accessed from the web, iOS, and Android. Any user can access data easily from a smartphone.

Task Scheduling

Fleet services usually have different schedules and different requirements for each client. Task scheduling makes sure that all of these tasks are performed on time without any delay. Moreover, the vehicles often need maintenance. CloudApper Fleet can also schedule maintenance. Regulating maintenance can ensure a longer vehicle lifecycle.

Route Optimization

The system can record the time a vehicle leaves the hub and the time it returns. Drivers can update vehicle runtime on a particular route. Comparing the data from different drivers and routes, the fleet managers can suggest an optimal route for daily transportation.

Fuel Cost Management

CloudApper Fleet makes sure that all the vehicles are on a proper route at the right time. When the drivers have an optimal route guideline, it is expected that they will minimize the waste of fuel on longer roads.


Customizable apps fit best for any kind of business. CloudApper Fleet is created on a drag and drop no-code platform. Thus, the app is easily customizable. Users can customize and design according to their own choice. If they face any kind of difficulty during customization, the CloudApper technical team can help them.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboard shows reports on run time, driving time, maintenance schedule, and efficiency reports. An analytical dashboard helps fleet managers to make decisions for the future.


If you are able to get the reports on your vehicle’s activity but not able to notify important updates, this can cause a communication error. With CloudApper Fleet, you can send automatic email notifications to your drivers on important updates.

Incident Reporting

Road accidents are an unwanted yet very common problem of fleet businesses. There are a few other incidents like traffic issues, driver, or client’s personal problems. If such problems occur, CloudApper Fleet can send reports to suitable people.

Other Features of Fleet Management

GPS Tracking

CloudApper can enable GPS tracking through third-party integration. GPS tracking will facilitate a more advanced fleet management system for companies.

Unlimited Apps

Any user with a subscription of CloudApper Fleet can have the benefit of using all CloudApper apps from the marketplace like CRM, CMMS, SalesQ, etc.

Fleet management includes very simple features. If these features are not accumulated and utilized accordingly, it can cause long-term problems for fleet businesses. Thus, companies should plan ahead for the future where technology makes everything easy with the help IoT. To experience all the features in one platform, Sign up for CloudApper Fleet today.

CloudApper Fleet integration with Wialon


CloudApper Fleet integration with Wialon

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