Logistics services are an essential part of supply chain management. A considerable portion of the operating cost of a business depends on a well-managed supply chain. Moreover, companies nowadays prefer to have their own supply chain system rather than depending on contract-based systems. Thus, the logistics sector of a company needs to focus on transportation services. The fleet management application is a system that helps a business monitor their vehicles, trace transportation locations throughout the supply chain and measure the assets’ performance without any outside help.

Six Ways CloudApper Fleet Management Can Benefit Logistics Services

Automate Tasks

Errors in information are the most common reason behind mismanagement. CloudApper Fleet can automate the tasks related to vehicle maintenance like registration, metered hour, operational usage, accident records, etc. All this information increases transparency. Employees spend too much time on bookkeeping tasks and manual data entry with traditional methods. The automated task system also includes alerts if there are any additional instructions with the products.

Enhanced Delivery Quality

Logistic services face a lot of delivery complications. Clients often make complaints regarding missing or broken products, time constraints, and overall trips. CloudApper Fleet can accumulate all the reports from the clients and provide logistics managers with monthly reports for the refinement of the process. Significantly, the logistics involved in the food business always have additional instructions, including the temperature of the food, packaging guidance, and movement directions. CloudApper Fleet can assess the instructions and supports dispensation as required. The time guidance set in the platform also guides drivers on the best route to take for effective time management.

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Monitoring System

CloudApper Fleet management application integrates with third-party GPS tracking system. GPS helps to monitor where a vehicle is going or its location. This monitoring system will also allow overseeing the driver’s behavior. CloudApper Fleet also reduces the possibilities of accidents that happen every day. Providing logistics managers with a reliable platform eases their anxiety about completing deliveries, tasks, and projects on time.

Communication Channel

Once the drivers leave the supply point, the logistics management might lose contact. They lack communication channels with the drivers during unwanted circumstances like road accidents. Besides, if the delivery is delayed for some reason, they fail to inform the customers. CloudApper Fleet builds a channel among the parties involved throughout the delivery process. Logistics providers can act immediately on customers’ feedback if there is any problem.

External Facility Enhancement

Every time the driver refuels the vehicles, they must include it in the CloudApper Fleet report. This enhanced external management brings innumerable benefits to the logistics department. Accountants can work on reducing operating costs from the information on the use of facilities. Logistics managers can compare the average fuel consumption of drivers in the same route. If any driver consumes more than the average amount of fuel, he gets a warning from the application.

Customer Loyalty

CloudApper Fleet makes sure that the delivery is on-time. It also secures error-free delivery. These are some of the substantial factors that contribute to building customer loyalty. Moreover, when customers receive feedback from the logistic providers as soon as they report updates, they are more likely to stay loyal to the company.

Apart from the basic fleet management application features, CloudApper Fleet Tracking Software provides some more benefits. The support team of CloudApper’s platform makes sure that the system is running smoothly. A company does not have to hire outside professionals to run its logistics. The spectacular flexibility of the App strengthens the overall image of a logistic provider in a competitive market.