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That’s the strength of our HIPAA compliance software – a single application to organize, automate, and report on all required compliance tasks.

HIPAA Ready Web and App

Conversational AI for
HIPAA Compliance

Regarding HIPAA compliance, CloudApper’s conversational AI is a game-changer. It improves the efficacy and efficiency of HIPAA compliance by automating tasks, streamlining communication, and giving employees more agency. The complicated process of ensuring that organizations remain in compliance with HIPAA can be made simpler with this AI technology.

Answer Queries

Conversational AI can automatically answer employees’ HIPAA compliance-related queries, providing instant responses to security risk questions. This function removes the need for manual intervention, saving time and resources.

Empower Your

Conversational AI gives workers more control by letting them report compliance issues, provide feedback, and even self-train on HIPAA. This will help them better comprehend HIPAA rules and regulations and motivate them to ensure proactive compliance.

Repetitive Tasks

Conversational AI can automate mundane tasks like reporting security incidents and updating and tracking the progress of compliance tasks. It also ensures that all tasks are completed on time and efficiently, ensuring your organization is always prepared for an audit.

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HIPAA Compliance

With Cloudapper AI Assistant

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Still Struggling With Spreadsheets?

HIPAA Ready digitizes and centralizes all aspects of compliance so you can relax, save time, and have confidence that things are under control.

HIPAA Ready Overview Video

Set up your environment

Access all the information you require, including contracts, policies, training, forms, and documents—automatically saving previous versions of documents—on a single, user-friendly platform.


Automate your reminders

Automatically send security reminders, training materials, and alerts for BAA and policy updates.


Establish compliance

Don't wait until an audit. With our self-assessment dashboard, you can quickly identify areas risk areas and generate reports to track your progress and demonstrate compliance.

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HIPAA compliance Software

Security risk analysis (SRA)

Analyze the security of your organization’s electronic protected health information in terms of its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Policy & procedure customization

Add, edit, or remove new HIPAA policies using this HIPAA compliance management software. Notify relevant individuals and customize workflows across the organization.

Send security reminders

Automatically send personalized security reminders to foster a culture of security compliance throughout the organization.

Track security incidents

Keep track of security incidents so that an auditable history of compliance activities is left behind, allowing you to relax.

Train employees

Add new HIPAA training courses, assign a trainee, set a training schedule, and effortlessly log details of the training.

Digital checklist

Create a digital checklist of HIPAA compliance tasks and track their progress whenever required.

Identify risks

You can always monitor and demonstrate compliance thanks to the only HIPAA compliance software with inbuilt automatic gap analysis.

Track progress

Give your team and yourself tasks. In order to ensure that you are always ready for an audit, HIPAA Ready keeps track of your compliance activity and progress.

HIPAA Compliance Training and Certification

Our HIPAA Ready compliance management software will not only keep you up to date on all the newest HIPAA laws and regulations, but it will also recognize your company’s compliance efforts through certification of training completion and website badges.
HIPAA Ready Compliance Badge


HIPAA Compliant Expert

Complete our training program to receive certificate that proves your ability to maintain HIPAA compliance.
HIPAA Ready Compliance Badge


Compliance with HIPAA

Post our HIPAA compliance verification badge on your website to boost customer and partner confidence.

Always Stay HIPAA Audit Ready

Always stay HIPAA Audit Ready

Add risk analysis
Add Risk Analysis Screenshots

The risk analysis template shows the current situation of the organization in case of HIPAA readiness and SRA completion.

Add incident
Add Incident Screenshots

CCreate and link corrective actions to address hazards and safety issues identified from incidents.

Training doc
Training Doc Screenshots

Add training doc and organize quiz to keep your employees updated about HIPAA rules and regulations.

HIPAA training
HIPAA Training Screenshots

Add new HIPAA training details and contents so that employees know about the latest HIPAA regulations.

Policies & procedures
Policies & Procedures Screenshots

HIPAA Ready's Policy module gives you the ability to generate compliance policies that suit your specific organizational needs.

Business associates
Business Associates Screenshots

Add agreements by filling out the necessary information to enter into business associate agreements (BAAs) with any third party that handles protected health information (PHI).

Breach assessment
Breach Assessment Screenshots

Schedule and track all investigation records as it’s important to investigate every detail to reduce workplace injury and incidents.

Access management
Access Management Screenshots

Built-in administrative controls for managing permissions to access information and perform certain tasks.

Web & mobile app
Web & Mobile App Screenshots

Web and native mobile apps (Android and iOS) allow users to add, monitor, and edit tasks for proper HIPAA compliance management.

Cloud architecture
Cloud Architecture Screenshots

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. HIPAA Ready is a cloud-based solution that reduces your dependency on IT human resources and hardware investments.

Scalability Screenshots

Never compromise with efficiency as you can easily upgrade or downgrade to meet ever changing operational needs.

Always Stay

HIPAA Audit Ready

Make HIPAA Compliance Simple Make HIPAA Compliance Simple

HIPAA Ready is designed to be simple to use by every member of your team since simplicity is important. Use our built-in tools that guide you through each step of compliance, limit permissions to maintain team members’ attention on the task at hand.

Do More with HIPAA Ready Do More with HIPAA Ready

We offer all-inclusive HIPAA compliance software. As a matter of fact, many clients utilize it for much more than just HIPAA compliance, including Business Associate Management, ePhi Device Inventory and more.

Make Changes As You Go Make Changes As You Go

The need for remote access has increased as a result of the continuous change of HIPAA regulations. HIPAA Ready is by your side to create, track and monitor activities whether you’re on-site or off-site.
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Secure Access Management

Use built-in administrative controls to manage permissions that restrict data access.


Interactive Platform

Search and navigate any HIPAA topic from an interactive search box and get instant access to specific HIPAA policies and procedures.

Task Management

Improve efficiency by enabling users to set, assign, edit, and keep all updated task information in one place.


Analytics Dashboard

Get valuable insights on HIPAA compliance management with an advanced analytics dashboard that improves HIPAA management and supports quick and informed decision-making.

Web & Mobile App

Web and native mobile apps (Android and iOS) allow users to add, monitor, and edit tasks for proper HIPAA compliance management.


Detailed Reporting

Build robust reports on policies and procedure training and other information to ensure high levels of transparency and control over HIPAA compliance management.

Why waste your time and money?

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How Does

HIPAA Ready Work?


Why Choose This

HIPAA Compliance Management Software?

  • Efficient way to comply

    Meeting HIPAA compliance is no longer a complicated task. The app enables users to have a clear overview of HIPAA policies, procedures, and updates, and check information on any specific topic of interest.

  • Save time

    This app combines 7 important HIPAA compliance management modules into a single platform and enables organizations to manage them more efficiently and effectively than before.

  • Reduce paperwork

    Reduce your paperwork and unnecessary administrative work hours to make HIPAA compliance management fast and efficient, freeing up time so you can focus on other tasks that require your attention.

  • Central monitoring and management

    This HIPAA compliance management application enables its authorized users to monitor and manage all HIPAA policies, procedures, meetings, and training from a centralized web management console and mobile app.

  • Remote access

    An important feature of HIPAA Ready is that it provides users with 24/7 access to HIPAA compliance information using mobile devices and web browsers. This keeps users up-to-date with policy guidelines so appropriate changes can be quickly enacted.

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Who Can

Use HIPAA Ready?

Health care

Organizations that provide medical or other health services and any other entity or person who furnishes, bills, or is paid for health care services fall under the category of covered entities. This includes doctors, clinics, dentists, nursing homes, pharmacists, chiropractors, and so on.

Health care

Public or private entities that process or facilitate the processing of non-standard data elements of health information into standard data elements, which includes repricing companies, billing services, community health information systems, and value-added networks.

Document storage and
shredding companies

Organizations that store or shred documents on behalf of covered entities
get exposed to protected health information (PHI) and are responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of this information.

Law and
accounting firms

Firms that handle work involving protected health information (PHI) for covered entities under HIPAA get exposed to medical histories or records, laboratory results, and insurance information, subsequently becoming liable for any violation under the act.

IT firms

Data processing firms or software companies, such as cloud hosting providers, EMR/EHR providers, and other IT firms that may be exposed to or use PHI, also need to be careful when handling sensitive information and must fulfill the record-keeping requirements for HIPAA.

Health insurance

Organizations that sell health plans to cover the cost of care must comply with HIPAA. The same applies to health maintenance organizations (HMO) and government-funded health coverage, like Medicaid and Medicare.

service providers

As dental service providers are responsible for complying with the same ADA HIPAA compliance requirements, regardless of the size and scope of your organization. CloudApper’s HIPAA Ready will help you streamline all the necessary provisions under HIPAA, including policy management, training, certification, documentation, and much more.

Mental health
service providers

Being HIPAA compliant not only protects the people in therapy but also the therapist providing the treatment. With HIPAA Ready, mental health professionals can efficiently follow instructions and implement the safeguards required to protect the confidentiality of people receiving healthcare services.

Hospital’s HIPAA compliance

Do you know if your hospital and staff follow HIPAA compliance standards to protect your patients’ sensitive information? Protect your organization, secure your data, and get your staff certified with HIPAA Ready, a compliance management software designed to take the guesswork out of maintaining HIPAA’s regulations and compliance practices.

Training & compliance management

HIPAA Ready facilitates Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training compliance management for healthcare professionals and administrative staff. Get trained on HIPAA through our web and mobile application and become a HIPAA compliance management expert in Days.

Can't Find Your Industry?

We can build you a personalized app for your industry or business in matter of hours, feel free to contact us as if you need more details.

Are You Aware of the Financial Risk of HIPAA Non-Compliance?

HIPAA Violation Penalties

  • TIER 1
    $100 - $50,000 per violation Maximum $25,000 per year
    Unaware of the HIPAA violation and by exercising reasonable due diligence would not have known HIPAA Rules had been violated.
  • TIER 2
    $1,000 - $50,000 per violation Maximum $100,000 per year
    Reasonable cause that the covered entity knew about or should have known about the violation by exercising reasonable due diligence.
  • TIER 3
    $10,000 - $50,000 per violation Maximum $250,000 per year
    Willful neglect of HIPAA Rules with the violation corrected within 30 days of discovery.
  • TIER 4
    $50,000 per violation Maximum $1.5 million per year
    Willful neglect of HIPAA Rules and no effort made to correct the violation within 30 days of discovery

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