Mitigate Risk & Manage
Your Hospital’s HIPAA Compliance

Do you know if your hospital and staff follow HIPAA compliance standards to protect your patients’ sensitive information? Protect your organization, secure your data, and get your staff certified with HIPAA Ready, a compliance management software designed to take the guesswork out of maintaining HIPAA’s regulations and compliance practices.

Manage Every Aspect

of Your Hospital’s HIPAA Compliance

Hospital HIPAA Compliance, Simplified

Our HIPAA Ready compliance software was designed to help you streamline your security processes. With us, you can create and manage SOPs, run risk assessments, track associate and employee compliance, offer HIPAA training for your hospital’s employees, and so much more! Even manage the security of each device in your practice with our variety and special features.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Ensuring your hospital is HIPAA compliant can put the stress and burden on your administrative team, so let HIPAA Ready help you! Starting at only $10 per user each month, you can provide your team with the tools and unlimited CloudApper marketplace applications they need to succeed and ensure your hospital is fully compliant each day.

HIPAA Training & Certification

HIPAA Ready includes in-app training on HIPAA rules and regulations, so everyone from your doctors and nurses to your allied health professionals like visiting occupational therapists, pharmacists, and radiologists can get certified before working with your patients. Each individual will receive certifications stored in the system so you can track everyone’s compliance in just a few clicks.

HIPAA Ready was designed for hospitals of any size to be easy-to-use, requiring no technical knowledge to implement and use each day.

Manage Your Documents & Policies

We designed our HIPAA Ready software to be a comprehensive solution for all your compliance tracking needs. Design SOPs and policy manuals with the help of our software and create a distribution plan to get them in the hands of every staff member in a fraction of the time, ensuring total hospital compliance. HIPAA Ready also facilitates the storage of important forms and documents like Notice of Privacy Practices, Patient Authorization Forms, and Business Associate Agreements. No matter where your nurses, doctors, or other staff members are, they can conveniently access documents from anywhere on their smartphone or mobile device.

Secure Information at Your Fingertips

To protect your patients’ sensitive information, you first need to know which devices are creating, receiving, storing, and transmitting ePHI and where they are in your practice. It falls on hospital management to develop and implement security protocols, but this can be difficult with the volume of devices and employees accessing these devices every day. HIPAA Ready makes it easy for management to view what devices hold ePHI and to whom those devices are assigned. Our application also comes with safeguards such as information disposal procedures, your real-time security status, and easy-to-follow instructions to working within the app and monitoring your compliance with ease.

Easily Conduct Your Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment

Every medical practice, no matter the size, runs the risk of HIPAA non-compliance. Assess and analyze your risks and immediately develop action plans to correct any issues in your system with our feature-packed software. By using HIPAA Ready, there’s no need to spend money on hiring an external contractor to perform your risk assessment; now, you can quickly and easily do it yourself! Get to know every aspect of your hospital and its compliance risks by generating reports that provide extensive information and updates on where you stand with HIPAA. Our software was designed to help you do just that.
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Protect the privacy and security of every patient in your hospital with our HIPAA Compliance Management software.

Key Features of

HIPAA Compliance Management Software


Training Management

Add new HIPAA training courses, assign a trainee, set a training schedule, and effortlessly log details of the training.

Web & Mobile App

Web and native mobile apps (Android and iOS) allow users to add, monitor, and edit tasks for proper HIPAA compliance management.

Task Management

Improve efficiency by enabling users to set, assign, edit, and keep all updated task information in one place.


Analytics Dashboard

Get valuable insights on HIPAA compliance management with an advanced analytics dashboard that improves HIPAA management and supports quick and informed decision-making.


Policy & Procedure Customization

Add, edit, or remove new HIPAA policies using this HIPAA compliance management software. Notify relevant individuals and customize workflows across the organization.

Detailed Reporting

Build robust reports on policies and procedure training, task completion, training completion, and many other data elements to ensure high levels of transparency and control over HIPAA compliance management.


Interactive Platform

Search and navigate any HIPAA topic from an interactive search box and get instant access to specific HIPAA policies and procedures.


Cloud Architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. HIPAA Ready is a cloud-based compliance management software that reduces your IT human resources and hardware investment.


Secure Access Management

Use built-in administrative controls to manage permissions that restrict data access.

Who Else Can

Use HIPAA Ready?

Health Care

Organizations that provide medical or other health services and any other entity or person who furnishes, bills, or is paid for health care services fall under the category of covered entities. This includes doctors, clinics, dentists, nursing homes, pharmacists, chiropractors, and so on.

Health Care

Public or private entities that process or facilitate the processing of non-standard data elements of health information into standard data elements, which includes repricing companies, billing services, community health information systems, and value-added networks.

Document Storage and
Shredding Companies

Organizations that store or shred documents on behalf of covered entities
get exposed to protected health information (PHI) and are responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of this information.

Law and
Accounting Firms

Firms that handle work involving protected health information (PHI) for covered entities under HIPAA get exposed to medical histories or records, laboratory results, and insurance information, subsequently becoming liable for any violation under the act.

IT Firms

Data processing firms or software companies, such as cloud hosting providers, EMR/EHR providers, and other IT firms that may be exposed to or use PHI, also need to be careful when handling sensitive information and must fulfill the record-keeping requirements for HIPAA.

Health Insurance

Organizations that sell health plans to cover the cost of care must comply with HIPAA. The same applies to health maintenance organizations (HMO) and government-funded health coverage, like Medicaid and Medicare.

Service Providers

As dental service providers are responsible for complying with the same ADA HIPAA compliance requirements, regardless of the size and scope of your organization. CloudApper’s HIPAA Ready will help you streamline all the necessary provisions under HIPAA, including policy management, training, certification, documentation, and much more.

Mental Health
Service Providers

Being HIPAA compliant not only protects the people in therapy but also the therapist providing the treatment. With HIPAA Ready, mental health professionals can efficiently follow instructions and implement the safeguards required to protect the confidentiality of people receiving healthcare services.

Training & Compliance Management

HIPAA Ready facilitates Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training compliance management for healthcare professionals and administrative staff. Get trained on HIPAA through our web and mobile application and become a HIPAA compliance management expert in Days.

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