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CloudApper vs Knack: Online Database and Business Process Platforms Comparison

When looking at the different aspects of a business that lead to success, some of the first points that come to mind are often the intellectual property, employees, data, or the strategy utilized. While of these are all crucial, managing these factors is also vital. This is the reason why an online database should be a requirement for all companies.

The correct online database can assist your company by supporting and optimizing several business processes. Such as data reporting, data accessibility, and employee synergy. 

An online database provides a centralized platform for managing the company’s information. This could vary from customer information to maintenance schedules and employee injury logs. Having the ability to manage this information through a single central platform that is accessible to employees increases an employee’s ability to conduct their business responsibilities, As they can make their decision based on the information at their disposal. Previously, making decisions such as purchasing inventory could not be done as easily if the buyer did not have access to the spreadsheet with the inventory information. With an online database, this information can be accessed from the platform and an employee can easily see whether they need to purchase more inventory or not.

There are several other benefits to an online database besides improving the accessibility of information for employees. Selecting a platform with a robust online database, as well as features and functions to assist employees, can result in a better customer experience. For example, a sales agent monitoring application can schedule your employee’s customer meetings, calls, and follow-ups. In doing so, your sales agents will always be prepared and provide your customers with the attention and support they require. 

With an understanding of what an online database can provide we will now look at two business platforms with online databases – CloudApper and Knack.


CloudApper is a no-code mobile enterprise platform. As CloudApper focuses on leveraging mobile smartphones to increase employee productivity and streamline business processes, the company provides a robust and secure cloud-based database platform that provides accessibility to all of the CloudApper solutions, as well as solutions built using the no-code development platform.


Knack is a database management platform that enables users to build and manage data platforms to make data more accessible. With Knack’s, no-code platform, users can easily build database management solutions to digitize and streamline business processes. 

Key Considerations

With an understanding of two database management platforms, we can now look at the key considerations your company should take into account when selecting a system.

Informative Dashboard

When selecting a data management platform, it must meet certain functional criteria. An easy-to-navigate and customizable dashboard is a must. The interface should be clean and easily convey visual, numerical, and written data. Having the ability to extract, and upload information, as well as filter data, is vital. 

No matter the industry, or sector your business operates within, your company will have its key performance indicators which employees need to easily edit or view. CloudApper allows for dashboard customization, whether you are building your customer data management application or using one of the platform’s solutions. As a user, you can customize the dashboard to suit your business needs. 

Knack also provides a customizable dashboard, whether it is a specific field or database table that must be made easily accessible to the user. Different columns and text fields can be customized so that the relevant information can be viewed efficiently.


A database management system must champion accessibility. These systems are used by all employees with varying levels of technical knowledge and experience. Whether a new system is being developed on the platform, or it is a pre-built system selected by a vendor, the user interface must be intuitive. A common problem faced by many vendors is that the system is too complex, which leads to many employees not utilizing the platform. 

CloudAppers’ no-code development platform employs a drag and drop, graphical interface for ease of use. As many of the solutions have been optimized for use on both laptops and smartphones, they are easy to navigate and use.

With Knack, no development experience is required. The platform uses visual elements to assist users in creating a database that they can easily navigate and utilize.


Assisting users in implementing and learning about their new system is a vendor’s responsibility, as it allows users to fully realize the potential of their new solution. This is also true for online databases and business processing systems.  

CloudApper provides its white-glove services to users of its platform through the help of a customer success team. The team is made up of highly experienced solution experts who can assist users in learning more about their new database platform. When coupled with the training videos and demonstrations provided, customers can be assured that they gain complete use from their new database. 

Knack provides assistance and support for their product through multiple mediums. Users can gain insight from their blogs, and Knack also provides webinars, instructional videos, demonstrations, and a helpline for users.


An online database might fit the needs of your company, but if it is not cost-effective then it is not a responsible decision to implement it within your company. Companies must ensure they can afford the database they select so that it is sustainable and not a burden. This is especially true for small and medium enterprises. 

CloudApper is $10 per user per month. This subscription-based payment model does not require a minimum user number. A major benefit of the subscription fees is that it provides access to the CloudAppers marketplace, so users gain access to the no-code platform and CloudAppers solutions. 

Knack has three payment options for its database platform: a starter plan at $39 per month, a pro plan at $79 per month, and a corporate plan at $179 per month. These plans cover different tiers of businesses.


Features CloudApper Knack
Dashboard Customizable dashboard. Customizable dashboard.
User Experience Drag and drop interface for creating applications. Graphical interface for creating applications.
Customer Support Vendor support provided. Vendor support provided.
Cost $10 per user per month. Starter plan: $39 per month.


Selecting an online database for your company can be a difficult task. By taking into account the key considerations such as usability, support, and cost, your business has a foundation to select a platform that will suit your business’s needs. For example, small and medium enterprises may benefit more from the CloudApper platform which provides a cost-effective database solution alongside access to all of CloudApper’s solutions. To learn more, you can contact us here. 

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