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Why You Should Migrate Your Employees to a Mobile ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are crucial for businesses of all sizes. No matter the sector they operate within. These systems are used by businesses to digitize and streamline their operations, and fulfill time-consuming tasks. For example, processing orders from clients or assigning activities to employees, are some of the tasks that  an ERP can do for your company. 

With such importance placed on ERP systems due to their functions, they must be optimized for employees. 

This explains why companies are beginning to migrate their employees from web-based ERP systems to mobile ERP systems. 

In this post, we will outline why more companies are doing this and why your company should join the trend.

Mobile ERP System

A mobile ERP system, such as CloudApper, is an enterprise resource platform that you can use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, rather than workstations and computers. They provide several of the same benefits found on traditional ERP systems, such as accessibility to data for reporting. However, several advantages are gained by allowing employees to use the ERP system on their phones. 

Here are the reasons why you should migrate your employees to a mobile ERP:

Increase in Employee Productivity

Often one of the most cited reasons and one of the most important. While companies have begun to embrace remote working and flexible hours for their employees, there has always been a lingering issue of whether this will result in lower productivity. 

However, it is quite the opposite. With a mobile ERP system, employees can work from anywhere, whether traveling, at the airport, or in their homes. A mobile ERP means that activities can be conducted on the employee’s phone, increasing productivity.

Increased Speed

Simply put, speed is a competitive advantage. Swift operations are crucial in the current business environment for any company that wants to succeed. 

With a mobile ERP system, you provide your employees with a tool allowing them to act fast when making decisions due to easy information access. However, you also provide employees with a tool enabling them to upload information faster than previously possible. 

For example, in the past, if an employee went to see a customer, they would have to write down or remember any information before coming back to the office and uploading it onto the system. With a mobile ERP, employees can do it instantly on their phones.

It is important to note that another benefit of a mobile ERP’s increased speed is the ability to create more accurate reports, which will also be used by employees making key decisions.

Increased Competitive Advantage

With an increase in productivity and the ability to work faster, a mobile ERP system provides companies with a competitive advantage that the company did not previously have.


Eliminate Employees Working in Silos

It takes several employees in different departments, and sometimes different locations, to ensure that a business remains operational. The problem with this setup is that employees can fall into the trap of working in a silo. This issue is further exacerbated by the introduction of remote working and flexible hours.

 By providing employees with a mobile ERP system, you can ensure that a channel of communication is open through a centralized database accessible to all employees. 

Refine Business Offerings 

You may be wondering how a mobile ERP system can refine a business’s offerings. It is achievable by looking at what a mobile ERP can do for your employees. With a mobile ERP, employees can instantly access a wealth of information, allowing them to better assess the resources at their disposal, alongside their customer’s needs, providing the best possible solution. By doing so, companies can reinforce their business relationships with their customers by providing better service. 


If your company is using a standard ERP system — and there is a high chance that it is — then there is also a high chance that your company will benefit from a mobile ERP system. When looking at the benefits, it is easy to see why your company should migrate to a mobile ERP system.

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