UKG offers several excellent software solutions that enhance workforce management in various ways. Despite the fact that UKG software solutions are capable, what if you could get more from them? What if you could give your existing UKG software extra features? What if you could alter their features in any way you pleased to optimize workforce management?

Fortunately, users may add functionality, modify existing models, and more thanks to the CloudApper app community for UKG software.

Users of UKG software can use CloudApper, a no-code platform, as a non-technical toolset to build, change, and add functionality to their existing software. In addition, users may develop and add new functionality to their UKG solutions due to a drag-and-drop editor, customizable templates, and user-friendliness.

Let’s look at some more functionalities that UKG users may add to their solutions to optimize workforce management, even though we’ve previously discussed several that users can add to their UKG software with the help of CloudApper.

Four more functionalities you can add to UKG software with the CloudApper app community

Schedule employee tasks to optimize workforce management

Most of the time, workers must frequently do monotonous activities, especially in factories or industrial facilities. The smooth operation of the factory and the understanding of everyone’s duties by all employees is the responsibility of the managers. Unfortunately, things sometimes go differently than expected since assigning tasks to employees without assistance is more complicated.

Organizations may quickly add the functionality of scheduling employee tasks to their current software thanks to the CloudApper community for UKG. For instance, managers can give tasks to employees by pulling employee information from their UKG software. Additionally, using CloudApper, managers may personalize anything they need, including alerting staff members about changes in their schedules, adding reminders to help them arrive on time for tasks, and more.

Optimizing workforce management is made possible by the CloudApper community for UKG solutions, which helps schedule employee tasks more effectively, avoid overlaps, and make sure that everything in the factory runs as planned and clockwork.

Capture employee time with geofencing

We’ve previously spoken about how CloudApper can assist capture employee time utilizing biometrics, NFC tags, and QR codes/barcodes to ensure employee authentication. While everything was done to stop buddy punching and employee time fraud inside the workplace, what about personnel outside the building, like sales representatives? There is no method to verify the location of the salesperson, even with biometric verification enabled. For instance, these workers could clock in from their residences rather than the client’s site, committing time theft. In the long run, this results in more losses and costs.

By integrating geofencing with the time clocks, CloudApper can aid in preventing time theft. As a result, the location will always be verified when an employee punches in, and if it is outside of the acceptable range, the punch-in will be rejected. In addition to helping with accountability and getting workers where they need to be, CloudApper also works to reduce time theft, lower payroll fraud, and improve workforce management.

Build custom dashboards

Have you ever wished you could visually see the employee data your UKG solutions provide? With CloudApper, you can make customized dashboards containing all the information required to comprehend your employees’ current situation and gain deeper insights.

Do you want to know what time is best for employees to clock in? Do you want to know which employees are correctly adhering to office hours? Do you really want to know which of your workers may be putting your company at risk for noncompliance? Once CloudApper gathers data from your existing UKG software, it provides the information to managers in simply accessible charts and statistics in the way you want to so that you can fully optimize your workforce.

Capture time with NFC

Want to avoid using several tablets as employee time clocks throughout your facilities? Do you want to know how much time employees spend on particular tasks?

Without the need for tablets, CloudApper can let you use NFC tags to record employee time. Be sure that the employees have CloudApper loaded on their smartphones and place the NFC tags where they are needed. Employees may scan the NFC tag to begin the work, and CloudApper will verify them and upload the punch-in information to the UKG solution.

Contact us now to find out how the CloudApper community for UKG can help you add different functionality to your UKG solutions without any coding. CloudApper can do all of the above and more.