Large organizations primarily employ UKG software solutions for workforce management optimization, making them a force to be reckoned with. UKG software assists the company in reducing spending, streamlining HR procedures, increasing productivity, and more. What if we told you that UKG solutions could be used for so much more, though? What if you could give your UKG solutions extra functionality?

That is possible with the CloudApper community for UKG – just the way you want to!

CloudApper community for UKG boosts workforce management optimization

The purpose of the CloudApper community for UKG is to improve UKG solutions so that users may benefit fully from them. It is a no-code AI platform that gives UKG’s WF Central, Ready, Dimensions, and Pro software new features. UKG users may develop new functionalities with CloudApper, utilize them individually, and then share those customizations with the community.

Users may add additional functions to the platform because it is a no-code platform without having to write a single line of code. The drag-and-drop interface offered by CloudApper makes it simple to customize the functionalities.

Let’s look at how CloudApper may help UKG software solutions improve workforce management optimization.

Functionalities UKG users can create using CloudApper for workforce management optimization

Customize employee time clocks

Employee time clocks are one of UKG’s best-known solutions. Employees can use time clocks to punch in and punch out. By enabling biometric compatibility, CloudApper may assist in extending that even further. With CloudApper, UKG users can quickly collect and verify employee face biometric data for punch-ins and punch-outs using any off-the-shelf Android or iOS smartphone.

For employee time clocks, they can even utilize barcodes, QR codes, or NFC tags; all that’s required is for the employees to scan the correct code for verification. All of this contributes to a large cost reduction because buddy punching is eliminated.

Track employee tasks

Customers may use NFC or QR codes to track employee task performance with the aid of CloudApper. It functions similarly to employee time clocks, except that every time an employee performs a certain activity, they must clock in using the appropriate technique. The employee can use the same procedure to punch out after finishing the work.

Organizations must monitor the delicate work that certain workers perform, and CloudApper enables them to not only monitor but also confirm the identity of the employees.

Generate custom reports

The UKG CloudApper community offers a wide range of report-generation options and assists in data extraction from UKG solutions. Customers of UKG are able to explore employee data in-depth using CloudApper. Customers may generate reports based on time, employee, task, etc.

For instance, a supervisor can use CloudApper to find out which employees have been coming in late for the past six months. Optimizing workforce management is made possible by CloudAppre by providing managers with more detailed data.

Send customized notifications

A customized alert may be sent to a particular employee with the aid of CloudApper. For instance, a manager may use CloudApper to add a feature to their UKG software that will notify them if an employee leaves their shift early. They can even get it by email to keep track of the notifications.

CloudApper helps with workforce management optimization for UKG users

All of the tasks mentioned earlier and a lot more are possible with CloudApper. In addition, since the platform requires no coding, users may add any functionality to their UKG solutions, maximizing their potential, cutting expenses, and enhancing office efficiency.

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