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Stanly Palma | Posted on November 10, 2022 / in Workforce Management / 909 views

RightPunch: Touchless Biometric Time Clock Software For UKG


How can you effectively track the time spent by your employees? How can you be sure they are being honest with you? Employee attendance tracking with traditional time-keeping software is no longer an option. Due to their flaws, they have already lost their appeal. Employees can trick your system. Therefore, you require a highly complex object to copy or manipulate. Without a doubt, a biometric time clock is almost impossible to replicate. The most advanced biometric time clock for UKG is RightPunch. On PCs and smartphones, it functions perfectly with UKG. RightPunch offers UKG users a wealth of advantages thanks to its cutting-edge technology.

Touchless Time Capture

For UKG users, RightPunch is a contactless and hygienic time capture app. Employees can use a low-cost tablet readily available off the shelf to scan a barcode ID, take pictures, or use face biometrics to transmit punch data to Workforce Central, Ready, or Dimensions. The RightPunch app can be used without employees having to touch anything. They simply scan a barcode or QR code and take their picture or take their picture and identify with face biometrics. Punches are instantly submitted to employee time cards in UKG.

RightPunch is an Affordable UKG Time Clock Solution

The traditional time-clocking system has numerous flaws, including buddy punching and employee time theft. The greatest answer to these problems is to use a biometric time clock. Using the InTouch time clock or integrated directly with UKG solutions, RightPunch assists UKG users in supporting various biometric touch points. You only need the app, a PC or smartphone, and a biometric capture device. No need to think about the huge investment to implement a biometric timekeeping system for UKG using RightPunch. That is why UKG users prefer RightPunch.

Identifying the Right Employee

RightPunch is a biometric time clock that identifies an employee based on biometric data. No one can fool the system because biometric data is unique and almost impossible to forge. RightPunch is able to identify employees from their fingerprints, finger veins, iris, or facial biometrics. The AI-powered system can also register to clock in/ out using the CC camera.

Benefits of RightPunch

  •     No expensive yearly maintenance contract
  •     Seamless integration with UKG
  •     Works with biometrics and employee ID entry
  •     Includes offline punch capture, local schedule enforcement, and      employee self-service capabilities
  •     Supports fingerprint, finger vein, iris & face recognition
  •     Software available for Windows, Android, and iOS

Success Story

After careful analysis, Campbell’s, the largest American producer and exporter of canned soups and related products to more than 120 countries around the world, found that they are losing millions of dollars every year for not being as productive as they are expected to be. After a careful study, they discovered that the main culprit behind this loss was their employees taking longer than usual to log in and, in some instances, sharing their credentials with their colleagues when late. To overcome this challenge, they integrated RightPunch with their UKG workforce management system, using the fingerprint biometric to secure employee self-service login process and save working hours. By doing this, they have started to notice a considerable increase in efficiency and accountability, giving rise to much-improved productivity from the very onset of implementation.

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