The experience with customers in restaurant facilities differs between attracting larger customers or alienating existing customers. Managers have to understand why customer experience shapes facility operation and how customer interactions are managed using restaurant facility management software to improve the conditions of the facilities. The only customer dissatisfaction is associated with the poor cleanliness and efficiency of services.

The hospitality industry is a competitive market, in which your facility must be clean, safe, efficient, and always able to meet the changing needs of its customers. A software for Facility Administration can confirm that any restaurant space is maintained under prime operating conditions, ensuring high occupancy rates and optimized operating costs.

Positive customer experience is the key to any company at this age. The food industry is not a derogation, but any big restaurant would have known it could generally be valid. This is confirmed by a 2017 Deloitte study:

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  • 60 percent of visitors announced that they would celebrate every now and again with a positive eating experience.
  • 39% said a decent meeting makes them spend more on food,
  • 41 percent said that they suggested eateries that had great meetings with people they loved.

Just like others in this modern age, restaurant fulfillment begins and ends with the condition of its facilities such as its flair, neatness, and other important organic components. It is, of course, unusual for a restaurant to have a convenient place or view; this will certainly not be the decisive factor if a customer is going to eat at one restaurant versus another. Nonetheless, if the washroom of a restaurant is wrecked and the light is horrible, pay attention to these awful yelp reviews, which overnight turn into genuine breakers.

To ensure that a client has a good experience of leaving your restaurant, restaurants need to implement proper Facility Management software (FM Software) and use it on a regular basis in order to keep the restaurant at a peak. We have studied several ways to improve customer experience with sound facility management software.

Brand Uptime

The physical infrastructure of your restaurant has a direct impact on the brand experiences of your customers, which means that they have to be optimally able to achieve a consistent experience a brand uptime concept. Efficient management software ensures that your restaurant is constantly in top condition and that in turn improves the perception of your brand by customers.

Since restaurants rely heavily on equipped facilities, all of their assets must be functional, safe, and compliant, particularly vital kitchen equipment such as stoves and freezers. To keep track of the crucial properties of the restaurant, you need an organized system to store valuable data (for example, age, warranties, repair and maintenance history, and more) and to warn you about the need for a piece of equipment. This way critical appliances always work at their best and the experience of customers (let alone your sales) does not suffer from downtime.

Planned repair and service can also support brand uptime with appropriate CMMS software. The planned maintenance of equipment and health is done on an ongoing basis. This makes sure that assets always work well, but also prevents restaurants from costly, time-consuming repairs or replacements by reducing the likelihood of full equipment disconnection.

For example, keeps your furnaces working on regular tunings, such as deep cleaning or checking the gas line, and it reduces the chance of failure. Routine repair and maintenance on your cookers cost less than paying for complete replacement in case of total disintegration.


Many factors affect how guests perceive the atmosphere of your restaurant, including its decoration, temperature, lighting, cleanliness, noiselessness, and more. How you manage your installations can have a substantial effect on your restaurant’s atmosphere your customers will certainly note when the heat is too high, air conditioning is too cold, floors dirty or lights flicker.

Your HVAC system, lighting monitor, speakers,  and more must operate effectively in order to create an attractive environment inside your restaurant. Use facility management software for restaurants to monitor the status of such assets (don’t guess for a fact), and plan repair when necessary to guarantee your clients a pleasant dining experience.

Customer Service

Creating a great experience for customers requires your full attention. Therefore, it can be harmful to your guests to break away from the broken equipment or out-of-service toilets.

Cloud-based software supports the effort of maintaining restaurant services, allowing you to focus on offering customer service as attentive as possible. With the correct software, it is possible to plan, efficiently and virtually from anywhere repair work and maintenance, to track requests for work and compliance. You can also configure your software to work automatically. This can be particularly useful if you run more than one location in your restaurant, alleviating the need to travel so often between them.

Final Thoughts

As an example of best practices, be sure to check how much time and money you spend on repairing, maintenance, and managing your restaurant facility, and analyze areas for streamlining your processes and reducing costs without affecting the results, saving over $1.7 million for a major restaurant chain.

Your hidden weapon is effective facility management software to create a great customer experience in your hotel restaurant. Regardless of the kitchen, the well-maintained conditions of every restaurant can help ensure its clients a wonderful experience.

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