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Matthew Bennett | Posted on October 7, 2022 / in Facility Management / 942 views

How to Improve Facility Management Process


Most of the commercial buildings in the country are not sustainable, and this causes a number of problems for employees and customers. In order to change this, companies need to focus on conserving energy, recycling resources, and minimizing waste. This can only be done if facility management is optimized. In this article, we will go over some measures you can take to improve your company’s operations in this area.

Preventative Maintenance 

A preventative maintenance strategy is more cost-effective than waiting for issues to come up. For example, rusting or power outages that go unnoticed can damage the facility’s infrastructure, resulting in expensive repair bills. You may avoid it by keeping your facility clean all year. Professional cleaning benefits both small and large businesses by making the workplace more conducive to business partners and clients.

New Tools and Infrastructure Investments

It’s vital to incorporate new technologies into your facility if you want to improve top-tier facility optimization. For example, innovative filtration systems can track pollution or the number of people in a space and alter cleaning and temperature settings as needed.

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HVAC units that are out-of-date or in poor condition can waste a lot of resources, leaving you with tight budget and potentially a dangerous, unhealthful, or intolerable workplace. The same goes for the lighting in your facility. By switching to energy-efficient green bulbs and light fixtures, you can save money while also creating a pleasant working environment.

Your employees will be much happier and more productive if you improve the quality of their working environment. With just a few changes, you can decrease your energy consumption by 30-40%.

Facility’s Energy Consumption Improvement

Another method to enhance operations is to invest in smart energy-saving solutions. Consider purchasing a ventilation system that cleans the air depending on need and renewable energy possibilities like solar panels or energy-saving tools.

Renting a self-storage unit for your products, tools, documentation, or sensitive materials is always a smart decision. This way, you can use the space more efficiently and avoid wasting energy.

Regular, Professional Cleaning

Cleanliness is a crucial but often neglected component of facility management. If your facility isn’t properly cleaned, you may put the safety and health of your workers and consumers at risk.

When you have a clear and consistent cleaning and organizing plan to follow, even small adjustments to your day-to-day routine are much simpler. For example, if your company is relocating, hiring a professional moving company is a far safer choice than packing and shipping things by yourself.

Sustainable Waste Management

Did you know that up to 75% of reusable materials end up in landfills? It’s important to think about sustainable waste management for your business. This way, you can source materials from items that would otherwise be thrown away. You save money, and it helps improve your reputation as a clean and efficient company.

Facility Management Software Usage

Good facility management software is the key to successful business management. A subscription to a trustworthy provider helps you resolve any issue that comes up quickly and economically.

In the event of a disaster, you can stay calm and be assured that your assets are safe if you have centralized them using specific software, like CloudApper facility management software.

Final Thoughts

If you need frequent equipment inspections or repairs, having a single program that handles all of your asset management and maintenance data will allow you to keep your company running smoothly even if unforeseen issues arise. The powerful CloudApper facility management software automates a number of processes and asset upkeep. This simple-to-use website and mobile app allows staff to save time by providing instant access to facility information, operational data, and emergency procedures.

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