Managing a fleet is a very engaging task. The manager must track many factors, as well as carry out operations effectively. As the whole process can be very overwhelming, to make it easy for businesses, CloudApper offers the Fleet app. With its fleet management solution, businesses can automate this tiring process.

The process, which requires much effort, can be achieved with just a few taps of the finger. Furthermore, it can be accessed and operated from anywhere. The concerned parties of the business can have smooth communication, improving the workflow.

Who are the major parties to consider?

The best way to find the solution to an issue is to break the matter into smaller sub-parts. In this way, the possibility of finding the ideal solution gets higher. Fleet management mainly deals with three parties.

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There might be more depending on the business since each business has its unique technique. But for most companies, the following three are the main people who have a co-dependent relationship with each other. 

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The first and last parts of the operation are usually initiated by fleet managers. They are responsible for both the dispatching and safe retrieval of the vehicles. That means they overlook the whole cycle. This involves them ensuring vehicle availability, assigning drivers to the vehicles, monitoring the whole trip, and assigning technicians to ensure the fitness of the vehicles.

The whole process involves a lot of communication and record-keeping, which is very time-consuming. With the help of a fleet management solution, managers can easily do everything from a smartphone. Additionally, there will be a record of all entries, thus eliminating the hassle of data storage.


Drivers are key members of the fleet business. They are the ones who carry out the actual task. Their task is the hardest to monitor, although it requires the most critical supervision. They need to constantly update the concerned person regarding anything that occurs during their trip.

During their journey, they might need time to rest, stop to refuel, or run into an accident. All these are important records that a company might want to keep track of. On top of that, a full breakdown of the time to complete each trip should also be very useful for the company.


Finally, technicians, the heart of the team, ensure that the vehicles are fit to go on long trips. Along with that, they also fix the vehicles in case of accidents. To conduct their tasks efficiently, they need to be notified of an upcoming work order. In this way, they can set up the tools and arrange additional components if required.

By introducing a fleet management system, communication becomes much faster. Technicians will be notified of the work order beforehand and can inform managers when the vehicles are ready all through the system.

The CloudApper Fleet application is the complete fleet management solution

Simple miscommunication can create a bottleneck, and sometimes, vice versa. With CloudApper Fleet, you can instantly communicate with your team. The best part is that it increases record availability for everyone on the team. Try Cloudapp Fleet and experience it for yourself.