New technologies can bring a new dimension to transportation sectors and fleet industries. Nowadays it is very important to work smarter and faster. The word “data” for businesses comes with a completely different meaning. In business, “data” is often synonymous with “treasure”, and is considered a highly precious asset. For consumers, data takes on a more secure meaning such as companies’ wish to know their customer’s movement. The traditional methods of implementing new software-based technologies for the automobile of the future may need to be reconsidered by development teams. Data transparency of business conduct can result in improving operational efficiency and has the potential to get products to market faster and with less time spent along the way.

Data Transparency

Transparency means proper disclosure of an asset or service. For fleet management, data transparency is to get access to data on how a vehicle is performing. Fleet industries need to reach this data from time to time since the vehicles keep moving. Data transparency causes numerous benefits to fleet industries.

As the logistics industry evolve, business owners and managers are relying increasingly on digital fleet solutions to assist operations, workflow, and vehicle security. While improving efficiency, fleet management software also improves supply chain transparency for logistics. This appears to be a valuable tactic for businesses that can increase accumulated yearly revenue.

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Benefits of Data Transparency

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

VIN is the identification number for specific vehicles. Each vehicle has a unique vehicle identification number. VIN lookup feature allows you to have the necessary information on a vehicle’s history such as manufacturer, year of manufacture, theft history, loan, and damages. CloudApper Fleet’s integrated VIN lookup enables vehicle transparency for the users.

Driver’s Data to Identify Errors

Human error is the most common cause of road fatalities. To avoid these errors, drivers and management both need to figure out the reasons behind these errors. Fleet tracking software can centralize information on vehicle performance and defects. When the software detects any discrepancies, it can immediately notify a suitable person through API integration to diagnose the grounds of the problems.


The term transparency in an organization’s operations and team communication is a straightforward process. It is important to have a platform to share relevant information. Transparent communication aids in the resolution of problems swiftly. When problems are freely discussed, solutions are readily available. Fleet managers can look at drivers’ input of information through a fleet management application. They can also add suitable notifications for drivers. Adopting such a platform enhances the likelihood of getting things done faster.

Analytics and Reporting

Sometimes data collection is not the only difficulty of fleet management. There are a few more problems like data consolidation, screening, analyzing, and reporting. If data sources and data storage are regulated on different platforms, it can be difficult to generate comprehensive analytics from the data database. Fleet management application centralizes data efficiently and transparently. Analytics are generated automatically.

Driver’s KPI tracking

All logistics must compile a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to assist them to assess the performance of their drivers, vehicles, and routes. For example, idle time, out-of-route miles, vehicle breakdowns, first-time fix rates, average maintenance downtime, etc. The big picture with data transparency and reporting features is that it helps you to monitor drivers’ key performances.


In brief, data transparency has a very large impact on fleet businesses. Thus, it is necessary to select a fleet management application tool that can maximize operational transparency. CloudApper Fleet can be a suitable option for those who want to implement such a platform.