Supply Chain Fleet Tracking Software

One important operation of the supply chain is fleet management. Fleet management involves cost-effective transportation, fleet resource utilization and optimal delivery time management. All these measures together can improve customer satisfaction in the supply chain. When you enable supply chain visibility, all the relevant stakeholders can access data in real-time. CloudApper Fleet develops scalable fleet management solutions from the beginning to the end of the delivery process.

Fleet Tracking Software

for Supply Chain Management

The supply chain faces many challenges like inventory visibility, communication transparency, big data difficulties and connectivity to a central network. Supply chain fleet tracking software helps to plan time and resources more precisely. A successful supply chain recognizes the importance of a fleet management system. Fleet tracking software can solve most of the difficulties supply chain management faces by providing data-driven decision-making.

Optimal Time-to-Delivery

Delivery strategy is the most crucial part of supply chain management. Having support from the administration only cannot ensure optimal time to delivery. CloudApper Fleet tracking software comes with an alert system that ensures the drivers are punctual with their schedules. Late reporting, vehicle idling, unauthorized vehicle usage and other factors like delayed delivery can be avoided with the help of CloudApper Fleet.

Identify Areas for Improvement

In supply chain management, problems are just part of the everyday experience. Fleet management should be a comprehensive strategy for the overall improvement of your company. CloudApper Fleet records data from different sources, and its data-driven technology can identify potential areas for improvement. Additionally, the fleet management application connects all the departments related to the supply chain process. All employees can have access to the data. Thus, everyone can suggest strategies and ideas for improvement.

Time-Sensitive Shipment

Some inventories are highly time-sensitive in the supply chain, and moving time-sensitive stock can become a massive challenge for supply chain management. However, these inventories usually reap higher profits as they require lower delivery time. CloudApper Fleet can arrange the delivery schedule as per the client's requirement. It can automate core delivery processes like scheduling, task allocation and route planning, eliminating delivery errors and reducing turnaround time.

CloudApper Fleet Streamlines
Supply Chain Management Activities

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

The term “estimated time of arrival (ETA)” is commonly used in fleet management. It is the precise moment when a vehicle will arrive at the given location. The most convenient approach to optimize ETAs is to use fleet tracking software. The CloudApper Fleet management application connects drivers and management. The platform can keep track of the delivery time, the position of the driver and the departure time. These variables can eventually come to use while calculating the estimated time of arrival (ETA). The application can also interface with third-party APIs for real-time GPS tracking.


Measure Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on investment (ROI) plays a crucial role in the supply chain. The whole process of the supply chain requires significant investments. If the return on investment is not satisfactory, it will be difficult for the company to continue business. CloudApper Fleet generates valuable insights from actionable data that can help fleet managers measure ROI and make decisions to maximize it.

Maintenance Automation

If your vehicles are not roadworthy, your drivers will face many challenges throughout the process. Unexpected breakdowns and repairs can be time-consuming. CloudApper fleet can automate maintenance by scheduling repair times, equipment replacement, tire rotation, brake inspections and preventive maintenance plans. Integrating fleet tracking software can protect your vehicles from bigger road accidents.

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Improve Supply Chain Services with CloudApper Fleet-Tracking Software

At CloudApper, we understand that tracking vehicles, centralizing all information, recording and maintaining customer databases can be complex. Our fleet tracking software can streamline most of the tasks for institutional transport.

Key Features of

CloudApper Fleet


Driver ID Management

CloudApper Fleet tracking software helps maintain a detailed record of driver demographic information in a centralized system to ensure nothing is lost. This includes photos, driving logs, and license information.


Analytics Dashboard

Get valuable insight into fleet movement and usage patterns through an advanced analytics dashboard by sorting data into visually accessible, relevant information that supports timely and informed decision-making.


Task Management

Assign, manage and track fleet management tasks like product delivery and employee transportation with our fleet management software. This system also provides task alerts, ensuring that you don’t miss any scheduled tasks.


Remote Inspection

Perform remote inspections from anywhere, at any time you want. With the CloudApper Fleet tracking software, drivers can log vehicle status, traffic updates, route changes, accidents, and natural disaster alerts effectively and efficiently.


GPS Tracking

Know your vehicle’s check-in data at any moment. CloudApper Fleet can incorporate an automated geo-tracking feature that enables managers to easily view vehicle locations in real-time.


Email Notification

CloudApper Fleet tracking software sends automatic email notifications to users about vehicle updates, increasing operational efficiency and freeing time for other valued activities.


Cloud Architecture

Save money on building and maintaining IT infrastructure. CloudApper Fleet tracking software is a cloud-friendly solution that reduces your IT resources and hardware investments.


Customizable Web & App

Customize fleet tracking systems according to the needs of your business. Allow users to upload, verify, and look up driver information, work orders, operations data, images and relevant documents through web and mobile applications (Android & iOS).

Fleet-management-detailed reporing

Detailed Reporting

Reporting modules on fleet operations show drivers’ activity reports, maintenance logs, future schedules and visual charts for vehicle locations to improve productivity, accuracy and timeliness.

Who Can Use

CloudApper Fleet?

Vehicle Rental Services

To ensure the safe and smooth operation of your fleet on vehicle rental services, CloudApper Fleet centralizes all your fleet operation activities, such as maintenance scheduling, fuel cost management, parts inventory management, and client detail recording.

Logistics Services

To be successful at Logistics Services you need to achieve end-to-end monitoring of your vehicles.CloudApper Fleet centralizes all your fleet operation activities, such as maintenance scheduling, fuel cost management, parts inventory management, driving habits monitoring

Law Enforcement Agencies

CloudApper fleet integrates process digitalization with a cloud-based mobile application platform that centralizes all your fleet operation activities such as vehicle efficiency, cost management, equipment tracking, and incident detail recording to ensure safe and smooth operation.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain fleet tracking software helps to plan time and resources more precisely. Fleet tracking software can solve most of the difficulties supply chain management faces by providing data-driven decision-making.

Construction Companies

Construction sites always have their vehicles and workforce moving around for multiple tasks to maintain the time value of operations.CloudApper Fleet can be the best tool for streamlining the tasks of construction companies.

Educational Institutions

Ensuring the safe transportation of students and reliable use of campus vehicles is critically important to the proper functioning of any educational institution. CloudApper Fleet tracking software ensures that vehicles are maintained efficiently and effectively.


Managing a government fleet can be a challenging and complex job. Motor pools must provide safe, reliable, and clean vehicles for operators to perform their required tasks. CloudApper Fleet tracking software eases the burden by automating various tasks.

Corporate Offices

CloudApper Fleet tracking software helps companies more easily track operator use of corporate vehicles, log fuel usage and service records, report accidents or other issues, and track real-time locations to improve accountability and reduce costs.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare providers must do everything possible to ensure the safety of their patients and the efficiency of their drivers and vehicles. CloudApper Fleet tracking software enables them to achieve this by monitoring key data like maintenance and fuel usage.

Hospitality Industry

With many hotels offering a complimentary shuttle service, CloudApper Fleet tracking software can help to avoid unplanned breakdowns and improve the safety of its customers while improving coordination through real-time geo-fencing.

Industrial Factories

Industrial factories often have many vehicles that generate a large sum of information, such as fuel consumption and maintenance requirements. CloudApper Fleet tracking software makes it easy to collect and centralize this information for more efficient operations.

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We can build you a personalized app for your industry or business in matter of hours, feel free to contact us as if you need more details.

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Can't Find Your Industry?

We can build you a personalized app for your industry or business in matter of hours, feel free to contact us as if you need more details.


Go Digital

No More Hassle with Manual Paperwork

The traditional paper and pen record system has ended, and the modern era expects you to work more efficiently. CloudApper Fleet is a computerized system that helps you wipe out paper-based recording methods using a digitalized system that can help you find, update and maintain well-organized fleet operations as well as reduce costs.

Go Mobile

Access Fleet Information from Anywhere

In vehicle rental services, all of your vehicles need proper attention at all hours to perform effectively. Keep track of your vehicle’s condition remotely, report important details, access information remotely and notify everyone about any strategic changes at the right time with CloudApper Fleet.

Why Choose

CloudApper Fleet?

  • Affordability

    The application is highly affordable for any organization size

  • Transparency

    Automated geo-tracking system enhances fleet movement transparency

  • Safety

    Ensure staff and students' safety

  • Efficiency

    Improved performance of vehicles

  • Customizability

    The app is customizable according to industry needs

  • Productivity

    Reach maximum productivity by improving task outputs

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