It is important for all business owners to understand that they have a legal responsibility to ensure and manage health and safety in the workplace. In order to establish a safe and healthy work environment, you need to completely understand the exact health and safety requirements that are applicable to you, your business, and your business’ physical location. It is important that all business owners know what to do in order to achieve health and safety and what the health and safety requirements of your state/country are.

What is WHS?

Work and Health Safety, also commonly known as WHS and sometimes referred to as Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA), refers to the management of risks to the health and safety of all staff members of the workplace, as well as any visitors and customers. It is important to adhere to safety regulations and implement safety procedures, not only to ensure everyone’s safety but also to avoid the accumulation of unnecessary and expensive fines.

There are many benefits to implementing WHS in your business. Not only does WHS help you to keep your staff and improve productivity levels amongst your staff members, but it also reduces the number of workplace injuries as well as illness. It also helps business owners reduce the costs of injuries and the cost of worker’s compensations.

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Implementing WHS as soon as you start your business is crucial as it will avoid putting your staff members’ health at risk. In order to maintain a healthy and safe work environment for your employees, you need to maintain safe machinery and structures and provide safe work routines. You also need to ensure the safe usage, handling, and storage of machinery, equipment, and substances. Providing and maintaining adequate work facilities as well as providing information, safety training, and supervision in the work field is key to providing a safe working environment. It is also very important for employers to monitor the health of workers and conditions in the workplace.

Although the primary onus is on the employers to ensure a safe working environment for all staff members, it is also the responsibility of every employee to take part in safety procedures that contribute to overall safety and health in the work environment. Employees first need to take care of their own health and safety and must behave in such a way that is not harmful to other employees and employers. Employees are also responsible for personally following WHS rules and regulations as well as workplace WHS policies and procedures.

Workplace Safety and Health Made Easy

Establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment does not need to be a complicated and tedious task. Safety compliance software makes it easy for business owners to achieve and maintain safe and healthy work conditions. Good safety compliance software enables you and your employees to log incidents, accidents, near misses, and observations with ease, and to do so wherever these events are noticed. It is important to use safety and health compliance software that allows you to monitor and manage all compliance policies, procedures, meetings, and training from a centralized web management system as well as store videos, tutorials, documents, and notes in a centralized knowledge base.

Safety compliance software such as Safety Assure centralizes workplace safety compliance issues in a single platform and enables users to manage them more efficiently and effectively than before. This software also enables you to create training courses, assign trainees, set training schedules on workplace safety compliance, and record training details effortlessly. The software can help implement preventive measures that reduce the rate of workplace injuries and prevent recurring incidents by identifying root causes, risks, hazards, and trends. If you would like to learn more about this exceptional safety compliance software, please contact CloudApper.