There will undoubtedly be some difficulties when you first begin using EHS software. After all, it takes time to learn new technologies and a new method of operating (and patience).

Many of these speedbumps, fortunately, are completely avoidable or simply manageable. We’ll look at six reasons why your employees aren’t using your EHS software and what you can do about it in this post.

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Problem: Afraid of technological change

It’s not easy to make a change. Some people, understandably, are afraid of new technology or fear that it will make their jobs more difficult. Others may be happy with their spreadsheets and don’t see the need for change. The introduction of new technology might raise anxieties of being obsolete or out of touch, especially among seasoned workers.

Solution: Here, communication is the key to an effective solution. According to a McKinsey Global Survey on Digital Adoption, employees are 3.5 times more likely to have a successful technology transition if intended results are communicated in advance. Discuss with employees early and frequently why the transition is taking place, what it will mean for them and the benefits of EHS software, what to expect, and how you intend to support them in learning the new technology.

Problem: All features rolled out at once

Many businesses make the mistake of implementing a completely new software system all at once. This can be daunting for your team, leaving them asking, “How am I going to do my work?”

Solution: Gradually roll out the new software. Start with just one or two features, such as document and task management, to demonstrate how simple it is to use. These “quick wins” will boost confidence and pave the path for future functionalities.

Problem: The EHS software is difficult to use

Your employees should be able to work more efficiently using good software. They will simply not utilize the software if it takes too long to submit data or gather information.

Solution: Select a EH&S or EHS software that is easy to use. Don’t be misled by a software that has hundreds of functions that only a few people will utilize. Instead, seek for a standardized system that can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Problem: Employees don’t know how to use the EHS Software effectively

Learning to utilize EHS software takes practice, just like learning any new skill. Everyone learns at their own pace and in their own unique way. As a result, gaining proficiency requires more than one or two days of general training.

Solution: Provide opportunities for continued training, such as monthly web sessions. Consider the various user types (administrators, power users, and casual users) and provide training that is specific to the jobs they must do. Provide training in a variety of formats, including hands-on instruction and quick reference manuals.

Problem: It’s just another software they have to use

In a single workday, the average employee uses 56 different apps and websites. Up to 40% of a person’s productive time is wasted switching between work and software. Adding EHS software to the mix can feel like adding yet another tool to the mix.

Solution: Select a system that combines all of their data and procedures into a single location. Multiple apps and databases may be eliminated with a comprehensive EHS platform, saving time and money on subscription fees

Problem: Insufficient IT support

Bugs and glitches are a part of life for anyone who uses a computer. However, if your employees rely on software to complete their task, these issues can easily disrupt their progress and cause a lot of stress. Because most in-house IT workers are overworked, support tickets are ignored and updates are neglected.

Solution: Look for a vendor that provides round-the-clock service, as well as continuing maintenance and updates. This relieves your IT team of the burden, allowing problems to be fixed rapidly and with minimal disruption to your team’s workflow.

Your takeaway

If you’re having trouble getting your staff to utilize your EHS software, a few easy changes might be all you need to get back on track.

If the issues persist, it may be time to consider a new EH&S or EHS Software. Contact our team today to learn more about how you can get started with EHS software by CloudApper Safety.