Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) management systems are software solutions that automate the management of safety programs and make government regulatory compliance much easier. EHS software systems have been proven to raise the level of safety awareness and participation across your entire organization by systematically tracking and reviewing safety initiatives and engaging your workforce, resulting in significantly lower incident rates and operating costs while increasing productivity.

Why use an EHS Management Software?

Using EHS software allows you to not only stay compliant with industry requirements, but also to improve other aspects of your organization. Some of the benefits of using EHS software include:

Get rid of audit headaches

Spreadsheet-based safety “systems” are a natural choice for new businesses. However, when a company grows, these can quickly become unmanageable and error-prone, costing owners time and energy and causing accounting issues before audit deadlines. Software tools designed for safety programs, on the other hand, fully automate regulatory compliance reporting and alleviate data entry and safety management responsibilities across your team.

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CloudApper Safety
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Increase productivity while lowering costs

Safety management systems boost the degree of safety awareness and engagement across your entire business by systematically measuring and assessing safety programs and actively involving your staff in them. This results in lower incident rates, lower operating costs, and higher productivity.

Optimize your intangibles

Besides the financial and organizational advantages, safety management systems can help you improve many of the intangibles of running a modern business, such as increased management confidence and employee morale, allowing you to attract and retain the best people in an increasingly competitive HR landscape.

Ensures regulatory compliance

Government regulations are subject to change at any time. Using an EHS platform can help you stay up informed about  these changes. It enables you to stay up to date on OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements while also collecting data to easily report your company’s KPIs.

Features of EHS Management Software

We’ve covered the definition of EHS software, but you might be wondering how EHS software works. To gain a better understanding, we must first analyze the features it provides:

  • Health Management – Above all, this software assists you in monitoring occupational health and industrial hygiene in your workplace. It can assess your employee’s health and determine whether they are capable of performing their work duties according to industry requirements.
  • Safety Management – This function allows users to track, analyze, and minimize workplace incidents to protect your employees’ safety. Using the information gathered by this software, you can plan seminars on occupational hazards and work procedures.
  • Risk Assessment – This module allows users to evaluate actions that may result in possible dangers. It can also help you optimize safety checks, identify workplace dangers, manage insurance, and establish risk reduction plans.
  • Creating an Action Plan – Do you want to improve the current method used to protect your employees? This feature helps users to develop corrective and preventive action plans based on incidents that have occurred at your workplace or at other businesses.

Purchasing Factors to Consider

You may already have a clear idea of what you want in an EHS software, but you should be careful not to ignore other software features while you research. Apart from the software’s quality and affordability, there are several other aspects to consider before investing in an EHS program:

  • Product Scalability – The requirements of your company may shift over time. If you operate a small business, you most likely wish to expand it. On the other hand, if you own a corporation, you may desire to diversify into other industries. In such situations, you will require a software solution that can adapt to the changes. By selecting a scalable platform, you can avoid having to purchase a new one every time your business changes.
  • Reliable Technical Assistance – No matter how powerful the software solution you invest in, you will still encounter technical challenges, whether they are bugs, malfunctions, or user errors. Find an EHS system vendor that provides dependable customer assistance to avoid downtimes. This could be in the form of live chat, 24/7 phone support, email support, a knowledge database, video tutorials, customer training, or a combination of these options.
  • Robust Features – Take a thorough look at the features that an EHS platform has to offer before you buy it. Keep an eye out for tools that are simple to use but capable of handling your tasks. This will assist you to ensure that both inexperienced users and professionals in your organization can use the platform without difficulty.


Having a powerful EHS system like CloudApper Safety can make a huge difference in your business. CloudApper Safety is an impressive OSHA recordkeeping software that allows businesses to create a safer workplace without the hassle of paperwork. This software will assist you in keeping your workplace safe, ensuring the safety of your employees, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of your company.