Change! Over the past two years, it is one topic that we have definitely become used to hearing about. Numerous major changes to our world have occurred since 2020, many of which were brought on by the epidemic. Employment is one area that has been significantly affected.

The employment market has been impacted as we have started to reevaluate what our occupations mean to us and how they affect our lives, particularly since many businesses have switched from having employees work in an office setting to having them work from home. A Financial Post article from early this summer estimated that a staggering 24% of Canadians have changed jobs in the previous few months. That is over a quarter of the population, you heard right! The phenomenon has been dubbed the Great Resignation or the Great Reshuffle because of the drastically different outcomes in such a brief period.

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Effects on workplace safety and health

Since the pandemic, employees are more worried than ever about workplace health and safety. As new, stricter workplace health and safety regulations have been implemented over the past two years, many workers would now prefer to look for work elsewhere if they don’t feel safe at work or if their demands are not being met. Workplace culture, harassment, and employee well-being have all gained attention in the past two years as a result of the experience of working from home. People are essentially abandoning their jobs because they are no longer ready to put up with their old ways of life and are looking for greater standards and better employment opportunities.

Some workers have also been required to carry a heavier workload than usual to make up for the losses due to employment gaps. Naturally, this can result in burnout and overwork, which is particularly concerning when it comes to workplace health and safety. Therefore, the value of mentorship has never been greater in the workplace.

Employee retention

Trying to avoid new hiring and a labor shortage? A potential strategy to avoid the time-consuming and expensive hiring procedure is to pay attention to the needs of the workforce. Consider making the required adjustments so that employees can experience greater comfort and job satisfaction. What changes would be necessary to keep employees at your business? Meetings, polls, surveys, and employee suggestions are all helpful resources.

Mental health

Discussions regarding mental health and raising awareness of issues related to mental health in the workplace have had a lasting influence, which is one of the more beneficial improvements that have happened over the past two years. This has prompted numerous employers to look into more resources and more in-depth mental health-related training.

In conclusion, major changes in our work-life balance have occurred since 2020, which have affected the health and safety sector. It is crucial to make sure that your business is doing everything it can to fulfill workers’ demands and stay current with changes to workplace health and safety because employment is only likely to change more in the future in our quickly changing environment.