The Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for Manufacturing Plants

Within an asset-intensive industry such as manufacturing, asset maintenance is a vital practice necessary to ensure consistent production and reduced breakdowns. With CloudApper’s CMMS performing careful maintenance management, manufacturing plants can be sure that their assets and equipment will be operating at their optimum potential at all times. Manage data, maintenance schedules, and work order assignments through CMMS to improve and expedite the workflow at any manufacturing business.

Gain A Competitive

Advantage With CloudApper’s CMMS

By using CloudApper’s CMMS, you can be certain that your assets and equipment will always be well maintained and performing at their peak levels. Almost never waste time dealing with faulty or diminished equipment again.

Simplify the Manufacturing Plant Maintenance Process

CMMS for manufacturing businesses provides users with a cloud-based platform for their needs in managing every aspect of maintenance. Assign and monitor work orders, schedule preventative maintenance, and track inventory and resources, all through CloudApper’s secure CMMS network.

Benefit from Cost-Efficient Practices

With manufacturing plants constantly juggling many projects at once, we know that controlling and reducing maintenance costs can be nearly impossible without the right systems. That is why we are offering CMMS along with our full range of cutting-edge software for only $10 per user per month. That is right, for $10, your employees can gain the benefits of CloudApper’s cloud-based and mobile CMMS software solution for your manufacturing plant.

Retain Dedicated Training and Support

With CMMS, you can rest assured knowing that your manufacturing plant will operate around the clock, and so will we. CMMS ensures that you can receive the support you need from our specialized customer success executives, who will assist you in every step of the induction process, from the onboarding to the customization process, guaranteeing that CMMS fits the needs of your plant.

CloudApper CMMS Is Suitable For All Sizes Of
Manufacturing Plants

Whether you have a large, medium, or small manufacturing plant, CMMS provides your company with the platform required to run your business’ maintenance processes efficiently.

Reduce the Risk of Breakdowns

With manufacturing plants often under strict schedules, the occurrence of a machine failure can cause major problems. CMMS reduces the possibility of equipment failure and unforeseen breakdowns for manufacturing businesses through the use of a regular maintenance itinerary. Your plant can now schedule maintenance on an annual to a daily basis to ensure that everything is running at optimal levels. Reports can be developed based on the asset output, allowing assets to be monitored and serviced before they breakdown. With the cloud-based data platform, employees can also upload the equipment maintenance history checks at the drop of a hat. Receive peace of mind knowing that your assets are being monitored regularly.


Effectively manage work orders

Manufacturing plants are often large worksites with many moving parts. Attempting to keep track of employees and tasks can be difficult. CMMS streamlines work order management. With its mobile capabilities, you can assign work orders straight to an employee’s phone, and upon completion of the task, the employee can upload the relevant data through their mobile device for review. All data can be recorded on the job, from the amount of time spent on a work order to the details and extent of the repair, and CMMS allows employers to track everything directly from the platform.

Develop a Maintenance Knowledge Base

Information is crucial for many tasks within a manufacturing plant, from decision-making to developing reports. With CMMS, both written and audio-visual information can easily be uploaded and securely stored. Containing everything from maintenance and handling processes to asset warranties and vendor details, the benefit of having easily accessible information can assist the plant immensely. For example, simple access to stock and inventory data can ensure a reduction in repeat or unnecessary purchases, while equipment details helps plants to accurately predict maintenance cycles and calculate the return on investment, both of which are vital processes for conserving a successful plant.

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Effectively Mobilize Your Manufacturing Plant Maintenance Operation With CMMS

We know that maintenance does not stop once you leave the site, so we are here to assure you that all the functionality and benefits of CMMS can be accessed wherever you may be. Assign work orders, access or upload data, and develop reports remotely from your mobile device. With CMMS, maintenance employees and employers are no longer bound to their workstations.

Key Features of

The CMMS Software


Schedule Maintenance

Users can scan the barcode of any asset from a mobile phone to retrieve its details and request for maintenance. Once the maintenance request has been accepted, a work order will be automatically created, scheduled and routed to the appropriate person.


Highly Customizable

Not all organizations have the same requirements. Easily configure CloudApper CMMS app to meet the specific needs of your organization. Change field names, add modules, workflows, notifications, and more, tailoring CMMS to your needs.


Asset Management

Enable end-users to store all asset data, including equipment details, information about suppliers or vendors, efficiency levels, capacity, warranty details, operation manuals, notes, images, and documents, etc. Users can even record video clips on how to use or maintain your assets!



Highly scalable cloud infrastructure that can be easily upgraded or downgraded to meet operational needs.


Secure Access

Built-in administrative controls for managing permissions to access information and perform certain tasks.


Web & Mobile App

Handle all CMMS tasks and view dashboards directly from the mobile app. All data is also available through the corresponding web application.


Resource Assignment

Identify, assign, and schedule the most applicable resources to provide equipment maintenance services as well as other tasks – ensuring maximum utilization, productivity, and accountability.


Cloud Architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. CloudApper CMMS app is a cloud-based solution that reduces your IT human resources and hardware investment.


Inventory Management

Easily track all of your inventory with built-in barcode scanning. Quickly scan items to retrieve information and check them in and out of inventory, keeping all records in a centralized location for easier management.

Who Else Can Use

CloudApper CMMS?


Hospitality facilities have to provide services 24/7, and CloudApper CMMS helps them reduce downtime and improve customer satisfaction. Maintenance teams can monitor equipment, streamline workflow, and collaborate effectively - reducing maintenance costs in the process.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industries can significantly increase productivity and lower costs with CloudApper CMMS. Preventive maintenance boosts output, as chances of breakdowns are lower. Reduce unwanted and unplanned downtimes and boost efficiency with the CloudApper CMMS app.


Healthcare providers must have their equipment performing optimally at all times since patient lives depend on them. CloudApper CMMS can ensure preventive maintenance, schedule work orders, and optimize the performance of hospitals for better healthcare outcomes.

Building and
Facilities Maintenance

The CloudApper CMMS app is crucial for optimized facility management tasks like facilitating work orders. Save time and improve efficiency by automating maintenance processes, as well as keeping information centralized for future use.

Schools, Colleges &

CloudApper CMMS enhances the productivity of educational institutions by lowering the downtime of crucial equipment, ensuring that facilities are adhering to mandatory regulations and improving safety through proper compliance.

Ports &

Ports and terminals are industries that have intricate machinery requiring frequent maintenance. By using CloudApper CMMS, keeping track of assets, communicating with employees, and scheduling maintenance activities become easier, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

Stadiums, Arenas,
& Sports Facilities

Stadiums, arenas, and sports facilities are filled with equipment like scoreboards, elevators, floodlights, and screens - all of which require regular maintenance. CloudApper CMMS helps streamline maintenance, improve asset reliability, and reduce equipment downtime.


Unlike many other industries, mining relies on highly specialized, heavy-duty and expensive equipment and machines to fully operate.That is why we have a CMMS solution that is highly customizable for the equipment and machines maintenance requirements of the mining industry.

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