Even though not all organizations are ensuring preventive maintenance at their different facilities, there’s no denying that it’s one of the most effective maintenance management approaches. These organizations are using the alternative, reactive maintenance, an approach that provides maintenance after the equipment has faced a problem. While reactive maintenance used to be the standard maintenance practice, it can be quite costly, hamper equipment longevity, reduce production levels, and impact asset performance. Moreover, preventive maintenance management is easier than ever as there are robust solutions out there like CloudApper CMMS. Let’s look at five benefits of preventive maintenance for equipment using a robust maintenance management system.

Five advantages of ensuring preventive maintenance for equipment with a CMMS

It ensures scheduling and planning maintenance activities

One of the most well-known benefits of ensuring preventive maintenance with a CMMS solution is that it helps plan, schedule, assign, and monitor tasks and activities. For instance, with CloudApper CMMS, maintenance managers can use their smartphones to schedule tasks, assign technicians, view equipment status, and much more. On the other hand, maintenance technicians can carry out maintenance tasks, view checklists, provide updates, view equipment information, and much more.

All of these tasks, including planning, can be carried out effectively thanks to a robust CMMS solution like CloudApper’s.

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It ensures proper reporting

No matter how good the maintenance approach is, it won’t be effective in the long run if organizations don’t use analytics or reporting to improve their maintenance management practices. 

CloudApper CMMS, for instance, ensures maintenance reports that provide organizations with useful information like which are the most problematic assets, which are the top performers, which ones will go obsolete soon, which technicians are most efficient – the list goes on. CloudApper CMMS has an analytics dashboard that provides all of this meaningful information graphically to help understand these insights better. Moreover, CloudApper CMMS is entirely customizable – users can customize to see which reports they want and which ones they don’t need. They can also edit entire modules to fit their maintenance management needs – the possibilities are endless with CloudApper CMMS!

It helps manage maintenance teams

An underrated advantage of ensuring preventive maintenance for equipment with a modern CMMS is how it helps everything and everyone work seamlessly with one another. Imagine this – an organization has a considerable number of maintenance technicians but is not using a modern CMMS solution. Even if the maintenance team uses some other means for communication, there will always be something lacking, as these aren’t usually built with maintenance management in mind.

On the other hand, modern preventive maintenance management solutions like CloudApper CMMS ensure that maintenance technicians and managers are on the same page regarding all tasks, activities, and inspections. As previously mentioned, managers can simply assign tasks to the technicians after analyzing the situation, check on them from the app to see the progress, and more. Technicians can also complete the tasks using the app, scan barcodes on the assets to retrieve information more quickly, and provide updates. All in all, managers and the management can easily see what’s going on, what requires attention, and more with CloudApper CMMS – ensuring effective maintenance team management in the process. 

It is entirely paperless

Another underrated advantage of using a CMMS to ensure preventive maintenance for equipment is that it eliminates the need for papers. Not only does it help organizations become more environmentally friendly by reducing paper wastage and usage, but it also boosts efficiency significantly and helps save physical space.

For instance, if maintenance management is paper-based, it requires a lot of cabinets, drawers, physical space, and more to store all the papers. Moreover, maintenance team members would need to spend quite an amount of time to identify the work history of a piece of equipment, especially if it is an old one (it’ll have a huge amount of paperwork associated with it). 

Fortunately, with CloudApper CMMS, organizations can easily digitize their entire maintenance operations and keep all the information in a centralized location. While paper-based maintenance takes up a considerable amount of time to find the correct information, CloudApper CMMS can do it in seconds using the search option. Moreover, barcode scanning can be used to quickly retrieve all the information like make, model, work history, spare parts required, etc. – boosting efficiency and reducing response times. 


It helps save money

All of the above leads to one huge advantage – a reduction in costs. With preventive maintenance for equipment and a CMMS solution, the equipment receives proper maintenance, ensuring smoother operations. If maintenance is provided properly and consistently, then it can also improve the asset’s longevity, leading to fewer premature replacements. Properly functioning equipment that receives maintenance means will have fewer unexpected equipment breakdowns – reducing unplanned machine downtime in the process. 

A CMMS ensures that maintenance, replacement, repair, and operational costs are reduced significantly – helping save money that the organization can then use for other projects. 

CloudApper CMMS helps ensure preventive maintenance for equipment

CloudApper CMMS is a modern, easy-to-use, and highly customizable robust CMMS software that ensures effective maintenance management, streamlines repairs, and simplifies maintenance tasks. It has all the bells and whistles needed for preventive maintenance, but organizations can add more – it’s built using CloudApper, a no-code enterprise app development platform. Thanks to customizability, organizations can easily mold the solution to their needs, making it an ideal and natural fit for their maintenance needs.