If you are a facility manager, you must deal with hundreds of assets and be responsible for their maintenance. Without proper maintenance, the asset’s performance decreases, and downtime will increase. With the help of preventive maintenance tracking software, facility managers can easily track maintenance activities and maintain assets properly.

What is asset maintenance?

While “maintenance” is sometimes used interchangeably with “repair,” in a well-run facility, regular maintenance serves to avoid repairs. The term “asset maintenance” refers to the overarching process of keeping your assets in top condition. The examination and repair of manufacturing equipment is an example of asset maintenance. Making sure the gasoline tank is always full and the windshield wiper fluid is always topped up are two examples of very low-effort asset maintenance that can be performed daily on a delivery truck.

Overall comfort and safety in the facility are dependent on the effectiveness of your asset maintenance plan, as is the replacement of worn-out components such as light bulbs, filters, and thermostats. When your assets are well maintained, they last longer, perform better, and are more reliable. This translates to decreased downtime and maintenance for machines. What this means for a facility is a spotless environment in which your staff can focus and get their work done. By keeping assets in top shape through regular upkeep, you can rest assured that your establishment is operating at peak efficiency.

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What is preventive maintenance?

Preventive Maintenance (PM), also called preventative maintenance, is an effective maintenance method that entails periodic and routine maintenance of equipment to reduce the chance that it will break down and cause unplanned downtime. A preventive approach makes equipment and machinery more available. It also improves how well they work by cleaning, fixing, adjusting, and replacing parts at set times.

Preventive maintenance, like other strategies, can be useful when used in the right situations. For example, you might find a machine that is essential to the way you make things. Preventive maintenance can be done on this machine while it is still working. For example, the air filters can be cleaned and the oil lubrication can be changed. So, machines won’t break down and stop working, which would slow down production.

Preventive maintenance tracking software for asset management

A key part of an asset management strategy is preventive maintenance (PM). To keep equipment running at its best, many people and systems must work together in a well-coordinated way. Parts of the maintenance agreement that are given to other vendors make things more complicated. With preventative maintenance, a piece of equipment works at its best and wears down as little as possible. Recurring service tasks are made and given to the right technician who is available and has the right set of skills. Whether the work is done by an in-house technician or by subcontractors. It is important to be able to record details of the work in the field. To keep track of time and expenses and fill out forms and checklists, you need to be able to move around. Instead of a real mobile app, many service companies choose to use web browsers. This lets devices be flexible and give a safe place to enter customer-specific information.

Companies that look at Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) rank preventive maintenance as a top-10 functional requirement. CloudApper CMMS can help you improve PM schedules. If you do hundreds or thousands of PM schedules.