Is my company big enough for a CMMS? This is a question your may have asked yourself before.

Computerized maintenance management systems are in high demand.  This is in part due to the many beneficial functions the system provides. From streamlined work order management platforms and a knowledge base feature to store relevant maintenance information. With so many great features all business should be using this system.

There is, however, a common misconception that these systems are only useful for large industrial businesses only. This is because when the system was first established and marketed toward larger companies with specialized equipment.

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CloudApper CMMS
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Since then, CMMS has made huge advancements and may be useful to many companies, including small and medium enterprises.

Reasons for using CMMS

Here are some of the reasons why CMMS is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is cost-effective
A small or medium enterprise needs to save money where possible to ensure long-term success. Due to the various solutions available the costs can vary, however with some solutions costing as little as $10 per user per month. CMMS are cost-effective platforms that any small or medium-sized businesses can use to streamline its maintenance.

CMMS is versatile
A CMMS is no longer just a work order assignment system. With the solution your company can schedule asset and equipment maintenance, maintain asset data, develop checklists and create reports, all from the system. The system is versatile, meaning that several of the functions can be used to provide a company with many benefits, even small businesses that require solutions that solve several problems.

Mobile Application
If you have a small business, the chances are that you have a small number of staff members. This also means that employees will required to multitask. Spending time in an office may not be an option for you. CMMS solutions come with a robust mobile application that allows employees to work from anywhere and not worry about completing their maintenance tasks. This is because the mobile application has all the functions that can be found on the cloud-based version.

The three reasons above show us that CMMS is suitable for all types of businesses. However, it can be particularly beneficial to small businesses.