If you are running a manufacturing company or any organization that deals with machinery which needs to be well maintained, a CMMS is something you must have. You can build your own CMMS software or buy one from any available provider of CMMS software. Whatever you do, both have their own pros and cons.

About CMMS Software

The short term for this sort of system is CMMS, but you may also hear it referred to as CMMS software, CMMS system, CMMS platform, or CMMS solution. They are synonyms for one another, referring to the same thing. Using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) makes it easier to manage, automate, and streamline maintenance tasks.

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Computerized Maintenance Management System is an abbreviation for that same thing. Work orders, PM schedules, assets, logs, work histories, parts inventories, suppliers, purchase orders, and maintenance reports are just some of the types of data that may be stored in this web and mobile-based software. This centralizes the normally dispersed nature of maintenance management. 

Using CMMS software, assigning PMs and WOs should be automated, while keeping your team responsible and providing real-time data that may be acted upon. This eventually lowers the amount of money spent on repairs and downtime and minimizes the amount of handwork required.

All of your equipment and buildings may benefit from a simplified approach made possible by a CMMS, as can the ability to report on the metrics that are most important to you.

Why Should You Build Your Own CMMS Software?

There are tons of ready-to-use CMMS software products currently available on the market right now. The idea of building your own custom CMMS software seems like a farfetched idea due to the high cost and time. Even if you had your development team build one from scratch, it would take a significant amount of time. But on the other hand, the benefits of using custom CMMS software are life-changing. Here are a few tips of the iceberg:

Better return on investment
We all know what is at stake when you are talking about building your own custom CMMS software. Time and money are not the only things to consider. There is always a chance the project will never reach the finish line and all your efforts will go down the drain. But if you somehow pull it off and have your own CMMS, you no longer have to worry about bending your process to fit into the software. Rather, you have software customized to match your needs. As you know the ins and outs of the software, you know how best to use it and the return you get will be huge.

Meets your exact needs
The requirements of one company are certain to be different from those of another. The requirements of different businesses are too varied to be met by a single, universal answer. There will always be gaps, and the business must adapt its procedures to fit the software. 

Modifying existing processes is unnecessary when developing a bespoke solution. The main advantages of building a CMMS are in the areas of customization and administration. If your firm has special needs in terms of data gathering, analytics, or reporting, it may be useful to create your own CMMS. It’s possible some businesses may want more flexibility than can be offered by “one size fits all” options.

Improved Performance and Productivity
As an added bonus, when something is developed in-house, the firm has more control over how it is used and how its employees are trained. As long as you have established procedures to document the solution’s development and the steps that must be taken when revisions are required, you are free to make whatever changes you see fit in the future. There is no need to rely on the goodwill of a third party to get fixes for bugs, updates, and other improvements.

In reality, it is intuitive that developing software to meet the unique needs of a business will boost output and simplify administrative tasks. Improving asset utilization, producing more goods, and bringing in more money are all outcomes of productivity growth. Accurate information is essential for successful asset management.

Build Your Own CMMS Software With CloudApper 

Building your own CMMS software is a daunting task. There is no doubt about it. What if I told you that you could build your own custom CMMS software without investing tons of money and time? I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s a reality when you are using CloudApper. CloudApper is a no-code platform that can be used to create Web and mobile applications. All you need to do is just drag and drop to create your own application.

The platform also has pre-developed CMMS software that can also be altered to meet the needs of any industry. With CloudApper CMMS, you can do both preventive and predictive maintenance. The platform also offers workflow automation that can be used to automate any existing workflow.

CloudApper CMMS is the ideal option if you require bespoke CMMS software and you need it available in a matter of days – contact us now to learn more.