Yes. A CMMS can be used on mobile devices. CMMS is a cloud-based service. The platform can be downloaded and operated on an employee’s mobile device. CMMS systems are used both on android and iPhone devices.

Encouraging employees to use a CMMS on their mobile devices can provide the company with many benefits.

Here is a list of the benefits of using CMMS on mobile devices.

CloudApper CMMS
CloudApper CMMS
Mobile App For Simplifying Asset Repairs
& Preventative Maintenance

Reduce Machine Downtime

Manage Multiple Sites In One Place

Improve Operational Efficiency & Productivity

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Increased efficiency

Maintenance management is a difficult task, both for the company and the employees. CMMS provides a platform for employees to be more efficient. With CMMS, employers can send out work orders through their phones. Employees can also receive work orders through their phones. Mobile devices make the work order assignment process much faster. However, this is not the only benefit. Employees can complete their tasks and upload all the relevant information onto the CMMS, all through their mobile devices.
The CMMS mobile application makes the office and workstation a redundant tool as maintenance can take place anywhere.

Reduces paperwork

Logbooks, files filled with vendor details, and copies of contracts will all be a thing of the past. With CMMS, your company can store all the relevant maintenance information on the platform. The system will reduce the need for paper while ensuring that all the information is securely stored.

Reduction in maintenance errors

Maintenance errors can impact a company negatively. If an employee forgets to conduct an inspection or repair a machine. Then the company can be liable for health and safety fines, or even worse, put an employee at risk of harm. With CMMS available on mobile devices employees can review the system and see when maintenance was conducted. The data stored on the platform can also assist an employee in conducting their repairs correctly.

The knowledge base platform can also be used to review inventory or maintenance schedules. This function, which is available on mobile devices, assists in reducing maintenance errors.

Operating a CMMS on a mobile device is possible, and the benefits listed above show us why it should be done.