It might be difficult and time-consuming to identify an appropriate CMMS. To better prioritize your time spent on equipment maintenance, you need to know which CMMS software features will provide you with the most benefits. We have scoured the Web for you. Read this article to find out what functions of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) are crucial for your maintenance crew and how you can use them to improve the efficiency of your maintenance operations.

Basic CMMS software features for asset maintenance 

We all know what CMMS software is and what the benefits of using CMMS software are, so I will not go into those today. For your convenience, I have broken down the features into two categories, and let’s look into the basic features first.

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Asset Administration
Every item of equipment and machinery eventually breaks down due to constant usage. After that, upkeep will be required. Possessing easy access to a wealth of asset information is a major advantage. Your assets’ status may be monitored in real-time using a CMMS. A CMMS is useful because it provides a plan for extending the useful life of an organization’s assets.

Because CMMS aids in asset monitoring, it helps prevent asset misplacement, theft, and abuse. Overall, CMMS gives you a unified picture of your assets and helps you keep track of all of them in one place for more efficient administration.

Work Order Management
When maintenance workers utilize CMMS software to send out repair orders in a timely manner, everyone benefits. Keeping an eye on service requests and creating work orders is a breeze using CMMS. You may allocate labor hours to many work orders at once, streamlining the processing and closure of those orders, and you can combine different assets and processes into a single work order. 

Inventory Management
The lack of accessible components is a contributing factor to longer periods of downtime for machinery. The availability of replacement components for planned maintenance operations may be ensured with the help of maintenance software’s ability to manage the inventory system for such items. In addition, proper stock management eliminates the need for unnecessary or extra purchases.

Vendor Management
When implemented properly, a CMMS may aid a company in managing its assets and suppliers. It contains pre-made templates for when workers want an inventory, saving them time and eliminating the need to go elsewhere for a request form. It also monitors the status of the work order, noting events like when the vendor has completed processing the order. All orders are tracked by the CMMS system, so everyone involved is always up to date. It keeps track of the order and the delivery status in real time.

Scheduling Maintenance
Intensely sought after, maintenance scheduling allows your staff to be proactive rather than reactive. Preventative maintenance ensures the continued success of your operation. Because of this, both efficiency and the productivity of assets will improve, while downtime and maintenance expenses are reduced. It’s all because of the computerized maintenance management system.

Advanced Asset Maintenance CMMS software features

The above-mentioned features are the basics of CMMS, and without them, you cannot say that it’s CMMS software. When you have covered the basic needs, look into the below-mentioned features.

Safety Measures
The characteristics of CMMS software make it simpler for your business to meet legal obligations and improve the safety of employees. Establishing a reliable safety program with the help of a CMMS is possible via the standardization of processes and procedures. This may assist in a number of ways, including lowering the likelihood of harm, saving money, and staying in line with regulations.

Predictive Maintenance
Using the steady stream of sensor data, predictive maintenance allows for more informed maintenance choices. You may receive instant alerts if an abnormality occurs that requires maintenance.

Automation of workflows
Technology improvements and Cloud-based systems that use the advantages of data automation have made it possible to not only automate but also significantly increase the accuracy of maintenance planning and scheduling. Using CloudApper’s workflow automation, you can set up actions you do often to be done automatically when certain events happen.

Depending on which industry you operate in the feature of CMMS software might vary. CMMS software for healthcare facilities will vary from manufacturing plants. But the basics will be the same and the things you need to be personalized can be easily done with CloudAppper CMMS. To learn more about how it can be personalized you can get in touch with us.