An old saying goes: if you take care of things, they will last. This is absolutely true when it comes to the equipment hospitals and clinics use. Hospital assets and equipment are vital, as they are often directly involved in saving people’s lives. The best way to manage and maintain the assets is by using CMMS software. Let’s explore how CMMS software for hospitals and clinics can improve service.

CMMS Software

Before CMMS, obtaining centralized, adaptive visibility, and automated management was impossible. Maintenance information was buried in paper files and, subsequently, distributed over spreadsheets. That’s why the need for an automated solution arrived.

CMMS, or computerized maintenance management system, is software that centralizes maintenance information and simplifies maintenance operations procedures. In addition, it aids in the optimization of the usage and availability of physical assets, such as vehicles, machinery, plant infrastructure, and other tangible assets. CMMS software or systems, also known as CMMIS or computerized maintenance management information systems, are used in manufacturing, oil and gas production, power generation, construction, transportation, and other areas where physical infrastructure plays an important role.

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At the core of CMMS software remains data processing and sharing among different bodies to establish automation among other departments. CMMS software can be used from your smartphone to facilitate flexibility.

Benefits of Using CMMS Software For Hospital and Clinic

As we previously mentioned, the assets and equipment in hospitals and clinics are important as they are directly involved in patients’ care. Overlooking the regular maintenance of assets can be a nightmare for hospital management. Here are a few benefits of using CMMS software for hospitals and clinics:

  1. Increased Asset Longevity: The average age of hospital and clinic equipment in the United States has reached its most significant level since the 1940s. Although age is not necessarily the cause of failure, it is frequently an essential factor. Because it is not always financially feasible to replace outdated models with new ones, maintenance is critical. A well-maintained machine works better and lasts longer.
  2. Minimize Downtime: When an asset has to be fixed or examined, downtime occurs. Unfortunately, this isn’t always preventable. However, poor repairs and PMs extend downtime. A CMMS makes it easier to repair and inspect assets, reducing downtime to a bare minimum.
  3. Reduce Safety Risks: Even minor equipment failures might result in accidents at your institution, tarnishing your image. CMMS assists maintenance teams in extensively inspecting equipment, detecting problematic items, and removing them from public view. CMMS also digitizes and maintains all data in a single area, making it easier to access critical paperwork when needed.
  4. Reduced Cost: As the lifespan increases and with minimal downtime, the cost of managing assets eventually decreases. This is one of the most exciting benefits of using CMMS software. Although you might not notice the effect immediately, as time passes, you will start to see the difference.
  5. Ensuring Safety & Compliance: Compliance audits may be disruptive to maintenance operations and asset-intensive organizations in general. CMMS data makes auditing much more accessible by delivering replies and reports suited to the audit’s demands. When you comply with the regulations, safety comes hand-in-hand.

CloudApper CMMS

It is no wonder that most CMMS are developed for the maintenance of factory-related equipment only. Developing a CMMS application from scratch is not an option, as it involves a lot of development, time, and budget. That’s where CloudApper CMMS comes in. Using CloudApper CMMS, you can easily develop a CMMS for hospitals and clinics with zero effort. Here is why CloudApper CMMS is best for every industry:

1. Customizable

Not all organizations have the same criteria. Configure the CloudApper CMMS app to match your organization’s particular requirements. Change field names and add modules, processes, alerts, and more to customize CMMS.

2. Web and Mobile Application

With the help of the mobile app, you can handle all CMMS processes and monitor dashboards. Access to all of the data may also be gained using the associated web application.

3. Scalable

Cloud infrastructure is highly scalable and can be readily updated or lowered to suit any operational requirements.

CMMS software should be as essential as the machinery in hospitals and clinics. There is software in the market, but not all provide value for money. If you want to start using CMMS software for your hospitals and clinics, try Cloudapper CMMS.