Effective inventory management through CMMS helps organizations reduce downtime, improve productivity, and spend less on parts.  A stock room with the wrong or missing inventory can be a nightmare for any inventory manager. That can be fixed with the help of CloudApper CMMS’s powerful inventory management and tracking feature. With CloudApper CMMS, organizations can manage inventory across multiple locations with ease. 

A CMMS software brings with it a higher level of oversight which was not possible before the advent of such technologies. What’s more, these benefits extend to many other critical areas other than inventory management.

Let’s take a look at what CloudApper CMMS can offer.

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CloudApper CMMS
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Actionable insights are what CMMS can provide you. A CMMS can track data over time, including inventory management. The information helps inventory managers to find patterns in their item use. For example, a warehouse manager may find that the order quantity of totes and bins exceeds their usage. With this information, the manager can decide to halt orders of totes and bins to minimize inventory costs. 

The insights gained from CMMS can be put to use in many other ways. The following are some of the benefits a CMMS can provide through insights.

Long-term Planning

Insights gained from a CMMS helps managers to plan for the long term. Instead of constantly guessing and checking, managers can rely on the data. A crucial aspect of inventory management is determining when to order items, which can be difficult to master without reliable data. With the CMMS’s data, managers can identify the intervals when equipment commonly needs replacing. Items can be ordered just before they hit reorder points, ensuring inventory levels never fall below. 

Location and item tracking

The capability to track items, their availability and their location is another reason CMMS should be utilized to enhance inventory management. With CloudApper CMMS, managers can track all the inventory with a built-in barcode scanning system. Items can quickly be scanned to retrieve information and check them in and out of inventory. 

Reduce equipment downtime

Large plants and facilities with a lot of equipment occasionally run into faulty machines which then require maintenance or replacement parts. The problem occurs when it takes too long to repair the equipment. The faster they are repaired, the faster the operation resumes. But quick repairs can only happen if the right parts are already in stock and readily available. By tracking these critical spare parts and being able to know when stock levels get low, equipment downtime can be minimized. 

Budget allocation

All benefits mentioned above helps to facilitate better budgeting. The insights gained from a CMMS helps managers to understand the pattern of item usage and allows them to know what to prepare for. Managers know how their inventory is being used, and therefore know when to reorder and the number of items needed. This helps managers to use their budget much more efficiently.

You are probably already aware of efficient inventory management, but CloudApper CMMS will allow you to do much more.