If you are a maintenance manager at a manufacturing plant or production facility, you are likely aware of how problematic a piece of faulty equipment can be. A single piece of faulty equipment can cause your entire operation to come to a standstill, which is why you need a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan.

Preventive maintenance involves scheduling various regular maintenance activities at regular intervals to keep equipment performing at their peak level and avoid unwanted breakdowns. CMMS software is an essential tool for scheduling and managing preventive maintenance and monitoring performance. Here are some tips to improve preventive maintenance with maintenance management software.

Set Maintenance Standards

The first thing you need to do is develop a standard to follow and a complete plan of action for prevention. This will help to measure performance and improve efficiency. The standard preventive maintenance checklist that comes with CMMS software only provides a guideline to start. Since every organization’s requirements are unique, you must develop a preventive maintenance process that works for your organization.

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Customize CMMS to fit your organizations need

CMMS software is a beast that comes with many features such as facility and asset management. In order to get the best value out of it, you must customize the software to fit your business or production process and get all the stakeholders involved to ensure that the software meets everyone’s unique needs.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Before you adopt a new maintenance management software, analyze your current preventive maintenance plan. Identify the strengths and weaknesses to determine your organization’s most critical needs. Some common factors to consider include work order system, safety and compliance risks, equipment history, emergency management system, parts, and equipment inventory management and maintenance costs.

Draft a preventive maintenance checklist

Create a step-by-step checklist with instructions for maintenance stuff to follow when completing a preventive maintenance task. A comprehensive preventive maintenance checklist also includes resources (user manual, manufacturer’s instructions, warranty details) needed to perform the job, past maintenance history and allows maintenance technicians to log maintenance work details and provide feedback to the maintenance manager. The feedback that the maintenance staff provides on a preventive maintenance checklist is extremely valuable and can help fine-tune your future work orders.

Set the best preventive maintenance schedule

Preventive maintenance work orders should be scheduled carefully by keeping other work order schedules in mind. Otherwise, it can be challenging for maintenance staff to balance preventive maintenance work orders on multiple machines with different conditions and age. In situations like these, maintenance staff is less likely to work on new equipment since it is running smoothly and will focus more on fixing older ones. It might sound okay to ignore maintenance on new, perfectly running machines, but they should be doing it anyway to monitor them.

Train your maintenance team

Your preventive maintenance management system is only as strong as your maintenance staff. Here are a few tips for your maintenance team to train and improve using CMMS software:

  • Provide all the training materials for maintenance team members to perform your preventive maintenance tasks on all assets.
  • Learn from their maintenance log and feedback and determine whether the preventive maintenance plan requires any help from third-party training or services.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and assign training sessions for them.

Improve Preventive Maintenance with CMMS Software

CloudApper offers highly customizable CMMS software for a variety of industries including healthcare systems, facilities, fleet, manufacturing, and more. We can help you set up a maintenance management system that fits your organizational needs. Our CMMS software can help you improve preventive maintenance, streamline the work order system, and achieve an optimal ROI from your assets. Contact CloudApper today for preventative maintenance software.