A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a specialized equipment management software application. It performs a plethora of advanced management functions, including machinery and equipment operation and maintenance. It is very useful for maintenance teams that want to maintain a record of equipment and assets, keep a historical log of the tasks they have performed, and schedule & track work orders.

CMMS Software Capabilities

CMMS systems can automate most of the work order related tasks performed by the maintenance management team. Your maintenance team can forget about the tedious and conventional manual paper-based maintenance tracking process. Based on how advanced your CMMS software is, a typical CMMS system offers the following functions:

  • Find and schedule the best resources for maintenance services and other tasks to maximize utilization and accountability.
  • Enable end-users to store all asset data, including equipment details, information about suppliers or vendors, efficiency levels, capacity, warranty details, operation manuals, notes, images, and documents.
  • Easily track all inventory with built-in barcode scanning. Quickly scan material to retrieve information and check items in and out of inventory.
  • A robust reporting system empowers decision-makers to operate maintenance tasks more effectively with real-time access to the data that they need when they need it.
  • Some CMMS software also allows users to handle all CMMS tasks directly from the mobile app. Managers can access dashboards and reports through the corresponding web application.

Who Uses CMMS Software?

CMMS software is usually used by maintenance managers, operations managers, organizational decision-makers, and other maintenance workers to perform daily maintenance tasks. CMMS software was primarily used in larger manufacturing plants, but with the advancement of personal computers & laptops, internet & web-based platforms, and mobile internet access, many other industries are also using CMMS now. Nowadays, CMMS software is ideal for any industry where efficient workflow management, equipment uptime, monitoring facility, and operation costs are considered key metrics.

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Importance of CMMS software for different industries

Manufacturing Industry

If there is one industry that cannot afford unwanted machine shutdowns, it is the manufacturing industry. Such problems create huge downtimes, leading to unutilized resource costs, a delayed manufacturing process, and a failure to deliver orders on time. As a result, this industry is constantly looking for ways to minimize risk. CMMS software systems help them to create preventative maintenance functions, maintain adequate spare parts inventory levels, successfully complete maintenance task scheduling & planning, and achieve regulatory compliance. This is why manufacturers prefer to use CMMS software.

Educational Institutions:

Educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities also use CMMS software for numerous reasons. For example, they need to perform many maintenance tasks and comply with strict regulations and rules when it comes to ensuring a proper environment for learning. These logistic tasks are easier, hassle-free, and convenient when using CMMS software. Some benefits include but are not limited to: ensuring preventive maintenance, replying to paperwork, resolving issues in seconds, storing and accessing all asset data, better decision making, and improved efficiency.

Healthcare industry:

Patient experience is the number one priority in any healthcare institution. Whether it is a hospital, clinic, physician’s chamber, or any kind of healthcare system, ensuring patient safety and providing quality healthcare service is crucial. Facility managers in this industry strive to ensure that their medical equipment and facilities are running smoothly round the clock. The CMMS can benefit the healthcare industry with a managed daily inflow, improved asset tracking, improved response time, minimal equipment downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

Facility Management:

Every business needs its facilities to be available and running smoothly. In today’s age, facility and maintenance managers need CMMS to keep track of all work orders, e-mails, and spreadsheets. CMMS software is the ultimate solution helping them move away from a paper-based system to a computerized system that offers improved management, prompt response time, less shutdown, the longevity of valuable assets, and better coordination within the maintenance department.

Most advanced CMMS software by CloudApper

CloudApper CMMS is a mobile and cloud application that simplifies the management of enterprise assets and equipment, maintenance schedules, inventory, work order routing, and reporting. The solution helps employees to operate more efficiently and provides management with real-time visibility into the status of their assets and maintenance plans.

Advantages of CloudApper’s most advanced CMMS software:

Efficiency: Integrated maintenance management features improve operational efficiency.

Asset Utilization: CMMS ensures the timely maintenance of assets and equipment to increase longevity and usefulness.

Accountability: Increase employee productivity by assigning and individually monitoring their activities.

Flexibility: Quickly and easily customize the solution per your business requirements without programming or coding.

Maximize ROI: CMMS minimizes asset waste and depreciation to ensure the maximization of productivity and ROI.