Warehouse Management System
For Efficient Product Management

A streamlined supply chain is vital for any business that wants to meet their customers’ demands swiftly. Your company’s warehouse is a key asset in this supply chain. With CloudApper Facilities, you can ensure that your company’s warehouse is optimized for storing, managing or dispatching any inventory that passes through its doors.

Maintain A Productive & Highly Functional Warehouse

Product management failure within your company’s warehouse can severely disrupt the supply chain and greatly reduce business output. With CloudApper Facilities you can ensure that your warehouse remains fully functional and reliable at all times.

Implement Preventative Maintenance Plans

Reactive maintenance plans are simply not feasible within a warehouse setting where time is a crucial factor. Unforeseen breakdowns must be reduced to safely preserve stored products. With CloudApper Facilities your business can schedule and assign preventative maintenance plans to employees to be certain that breakdowns will be corrected and reduced in the future.

Reduce Unnecessary Warehouse Costs

The operational expenses associated with managing a warehouse can vary greatly. With CloudApper Facilities you can record all the costs such as electricity usage, which can then be used as benchmarks. If there is a spike in usage, an investigation can take place and corrective measures can be conducted, resulting in fewer resources wasted and costs incurred.

Manage Your Warehouse From Your Phone

Communication is crucial within warehouse management, however this is difficult to achieve when you are not within your warehouse. That is why CloudApper Facilities is operable on smartphones. You can get CloudApper Facilities on both Android and IOS. Now your employees can access and upload data, as well as send and receive work orders no matter where they may be located, in or out of the warehouse.

Ensure A Professional & Productive Warehouse Operation

With warehouses containing several expensive assets, organization and accessibility to information must be easy to obtain. With CloudApper Facilities your company can always be sure of the inventory stored and aware of the activities taking place in the warehouse, all through the digital platform.

Locate Products Easily With A Layout Map

With warehouses receiving and dispatching inventory constantly, a structured system is required to easily locate products. With the Layout Map feature on CloudApper Facilities, inventory can easily be located no matter where it may be stored in the warehouse. The feature provides a digital floor plan showing exactly where a product is located for increased efficiency.


Maintain Proper Inventory Of Products

Theft, damage and the misplacing of inventory is commonplace in many warehouses. Therefore, you need an organized plan to manage the inventory received in order to reduce the expenses associated with missing inventory. CloudApper Facilities enables warehouse employees to record and upload inventory details such as quantity, type and location of product, all through the digital platform and onto the dashboard for easy access and viewing.

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Digital Inventory, Order, And Warehouse Management Solution

Digitizing the operations processes within your warehouse with CloudApper Facilities provides many benefits. In a deadline-driven environment, such as warehousing, the ability to conduct activities digitally, such as assigning maintenance work orders can now be done faster. Your warehouse employees will no longer be hampered by outdated and inefficient processes. CloudApper Facilities’ digital platform also increases accessibility for all employees, leading to increased transparency.

Features Of

Cloudapper Facilities

Facility Monitoring

Monitor all operations that are being conducted across all your facilities at any given time. Easily record incidents, asset usage, maintenance, and/or replacement of vital equipment.

Emergency Management

Quickly identify emergency protocols, shut-offs, access points, and emergency exits on a single platform. Ensure that all employees have instant access about procedures should an emergency occur.

Detailed Inspections

Schedule and conduct detailed inspections of all procedures, important operations, and facilities. Log inspection findings for future reference and suggest a plan of action if needed.

Training Management

Share safety manuals, checklists, and user guides to ensure that your staff is well informed about work equipment, usage guidelines, and facility policies.

Web & Mobile App

Handle all Facility Management tasks directly from the mobile app. Managers can access dashboards and reports through the corresponding web application.

Cloud Architecture

Our cloud-based solution reduces your IT human resources and hardware investment costs while removing the headaches associated with maintaining them.

Decision Making

Our robust reporting system empowers decision makers to operate more effectively with real-time access to the data that they need and when they need it.

Maintenance Management

Reduce the levels of equipment maintenance chaos through efficient work order management by enabling your staff to easily access operational instructions, task checklists, and important files from their mobile devices.

Secure Access

Built-in administrative controls for managing permissions for every employee to access information and perform certain tasks reduces risks of insider threats.

Who Else Can Use Our

Facility Management Software?

Manufacturing &
Energy Plants

CloudApper Facilities is an essential tool for manufacturing and energy plants as it ensures the optimization of workflow and reduces the risk of potential catastrophic incidents through proactive maintenance, allowing for the conducting of regular inspections.

Oil, Gas, and
Mining Facility

Improve levels of maintenance, reduce costs and prevent untimely and chaotic breakdowns through regular detailed inspections and maintenance management. CloudApper Facilities enables you to avoid unnecessary penalties and overtime costs due to failed audits.


Safety control is vital when it comes to healthcare facilities, and thus it is essential for healthcare providers to be able to respond to emergency situations in a timely manner. Take decisive decisions in harmful situations to lower overall damage and risk to all those present.

Building &
Facility Management

CloudApper Facilities allows for the easy management of multiple sites, facilities and buildings. With CloudApper Facilities app, you are able to quickly locate and manage shut-offs, manage emergency action plans and maintain digital inventory of your assets.

Schools, Colleges &

Schools, colleges & universities are able to enhance levels of productivity as Facilities not only provides employee training management but also allows for easy scheduling and assigning of work orders which are able to be monitored through the application.


It is important for ports to manage inventory and assets, as well as identify emergency shut-offs, exits and access points. CloudApper Facilities enables efficient emergency management that provides all employees with emergency protocols that can be accessed on a single platform.

Churches &
Religious Facilities

Treat your church or temple as sacred as your beliefs with CloudApper Facilities, a facility management software designed to help you keep your place of worship clean, beautiful, and safe for all your team members and parishioners.


CloudApper Facilities for hospitality services (Accomodation, Food & Beverages, Travel & Tourism, Transport, Outdoor and Recreation) is like the guide for dummies for that puzzle — It helps them to efficiently manage building, property, and maintenance activities from anywhere and make sure everything is done properly.

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