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The management of the facility begins when the project manager transfers the paperwork as produced. Preventative maintenance starts as soon as the business and work process starts. Facility managers currently rarely monitor and maintain one building at a time. They are under growing pressure to optimize installations and management of assets. Managers of facilities should monitor health and safety audits, maintain a track of assets and equipment, ensure that defects and breakdown are addressed as promptly as possible.

They also have a closely managed maintenance prevention plan, frequently without being on-site physically. facility managers’ software and facilities management apps increasingly offer capabilities for the optimization of assets, repairs, and preventative maintenance. Facility managers can now meet the requirements of different portfolios with real-time status checks and reporting.

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Buildings can be thought of as living organisms. Mini ecosystems in which people, processes, structures, and information collaborate. Buildings give people optimized and fitting places to live and work in healthy, convenient locations. In addition, the facility manager needs to take a holistic approach to build management in order to develop optimized and efficient structures.

CAFM systems are increasingly offering tools for simplifying your workflow, optimizing tasks, and ensuring building and user information is available as a single source of truth. As a subsection, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), such as CloudApper CMMS, is the software for the optimization of maintenance tasks. CMMS software simplifies routine and repetitive operations by automating numerous auditing, reporting, and planning. This frees managers to work on projects that provide value for the building and its users.


Facility management software handles enormous volumes of information, bringing together disparate and siloed sources to produce a single source of truth. Data is stored at a central point and users can access it, add the data to it and make modifications according to their privileges. This builds complete audit trails. The facility management software allows optimization of resources, including manpower, time, and money through the provision of a single, regulated database leading the way to the energy-efficient building.

CMMS software is specialized in building maintenance so that complex technical constructions may be handled. Specialized engineers are typically required to offer preventative maintenance for component and computer-controlled systems including electrical and mechanical components, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, lifts, or complex computers. ‘Specialist’ typically refers to ‘third party.’

That implies that it is important to select facility management software that provides third-party contractors with access to information, completes checklists, and locates technically related tools, manuals, and resources. Important methods for ensuring safe building users include preventative maintenance and regular audits. They also indicate the most vulnerable equipment from failures. By addressing emergent issues, facility managers can avoid breakdowns, delays, and expensive repairs that go with them.

Breakdowns are sometimes inevitable. When problems occur, the facility management software provides quick and effective repair tools, methods, structure, and information.


CloudApper Facilities is an online, smartphone-based, facility-management application. The tool offers complete CMMS software for audit, preventative maintenance, and repair software of CMMS.

Complete smartphone checks

CloudApper Facilities have predefined health, safety, and fire inspection templates. You can tailor these to your specific specifications, whether this is based on your property or the desired style of your organization. For all technical equipment, you can also develop preventative maintaining checklists. Once consumers agree on templates, the assessor can easily and quickly access the templates on their smartphone.

Facility managers are notified via push notification when checklists are complete and when the inspector draws up corrective actions or concerns. Preventative maintenance and efficiency audits are part of the move to sustainable buildings.

Easy work order system

Whether an audit deficiency is recognized or detected by employees during daily operations, facility managers need to know fast. CloudApper work order system offers an authorized user to access the facility management app and the creation of a work order request. Before submitting a work order request, upload digital maps to their specific position, to make them easy to identify.

To supplement the work order, users can additionally attach photos, voice and audio notes, and any appropriate documents. This additional information allows managers to solve failures and defects as quickly as possible. Work order notifications are sent to supervisors and contractors, including specialists of third parties, who might be assigned to remedy the problem. They can add extra information and deadlines as well. In real-time reports, you can add all work orders. It is store as an audit trail once you have completed the work order.
The CloudApper Facilities software preserves documents and automates the chronological documentation for the total proof security of your facility management and maintenance tasks.

CloudApper Facilities – Simplify Your Workflow

Property maintenance software solutions such as CloudApper Facilities assist facility managers in safe, most effective, and efficient maintenance and optimization of their building portfolio. As managers of facilities attempt to reach demanding goals and manage broader portfolios, they will discover stretched and time pressure increases.

Each building cannot be managed by the facility manager every day so they need a quick and reliable way to understand the state of each property. CloudApper Facilities allows facilities managers to focus on the larger image by automating repetitive and time-consuming operations. This gives them more time to establish strategies and make the assets they manage more valuable.