Sales management can now be done with relative ease by digitization especially with the use of a field sales monitoring app. It also improves the rate at which sales teams operate. It educates you about the efficiency of your field sales force and acts as an extra set of eyes for your business on the field.

In the past, the use of paper summed up the sales management practices that dominated businesses and it is notably cumbersome and laborious. It can be chaotic especially when undue errors are made which hampers sales performance with the sales team often out of alignment.

SalesQ can be adopted to enhance seamless sales management practices. Here are five things you can do right now to improve sales profitability:

Extract 100% from your Field Sales Team
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Real-Time Sales Activity Monitoring

Mobile App Facilitates Working on the Go

Increase Productivity With Efficient Task Management

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Manage Customer Profiles

The sales team can be given enough information in form of profiles containing individual customer data right before they go into the field to make deliveries. It ensures that orders are delivered to the right customer and can be referenced later to determine when each customer was visited.

Lack of correct information about clients often leads to late delivery of orders to clients or maybe the wrong products are delivered to the clients. Such mishaps do not bode well for a company’s client retention and ultimately, it causes a significant reduction in revenue generated by the company.

It also reduces the effectiveness of sales strategies implemented without adequate customer information. With SalesQ, you can set up customer profiles and a sales rep can have access to customer data for proper deliveries.

Track Targets

When assigning targets for the sales team, you need to be able to monitor the extent to which targets are achieved based on the sales management goals set.

Hence, it is essential to monitor the rate at which sales reps meet their targets and evaluate their performance to check if the achievement is in line with the goals of the company. The total products sales and revenue can be used to measure the overall performance of the sales team.

With eyes on the performance index of each team, adequate strategies can be developed to ensure that each team is assigned to areas fitting their capabilities. If extra training of sales personnel is necessary to make better sales, it should be administered as well.

Integrate with ERPs

A field sales monitoring app like SalesQ can be integrated with sales-related data obtained from Sage200 ERP and OMNI. The availability of the data makes the work of sales teams much easier.

Its virtual attributes make it more efficient and easy compared to paper methods. It is most preferred by sales reps because of its limitless applicability. Upon integration, ERP data can be easily accessed on phones.

Automate Tasks

The sales management app can be used to complete daily tasks assigned to sales reps as opposed to such activities being carried out manually.

Repetition of tasks can be avoided and more time saved while also improving the productivity of sales operations. You can enable notifications for sent emails and alerts when certain tasks have been completed.

Analyze Data

You can measure and analyze data such as key accounts that buy the most products, target achievement by sales reps, profitable sales location, etc. This way, you can evaluate how your sales teams are performing.

Without such data made available, several potential or existent high buying customers would be lost unknowingly due to inappropriate treatment by the sales reps. A sales rep incapable of proper engagement could be assigned to handle a client who happens to be capable of turning out high sales.

Such a client can best be managed with the skills of some of the best sales agents the companies has on its payroll. SalesQ helps by displaying metrics that can be used to identify trends that can improve sales.

Productivity can be boosted by the use of sales management apps, save time while also increasing the efficiency of sales operations. It ensures improved accountability of the sales team by being your extra set of eyes in the field. SalesQ helps to better understand the level of performance of sales reps and their locations. Contact us today!