You can increase the revenue generated by selling stationery items like bags and pens sold to educational institutes or office supplies delivered to various corporations by monitoring outside sales reps. The deliveries and size of orders, along with targets completed per day by reps should be meticulously measured to increase the sales of your stationery offerings. CloudApper is a no-code platform that can help you get rid of the need for developers by letting you create custom apps. CloudApper SalesQ is a sales tracking software for the stationery industry to monitor sales reps.

Stationery sales have ramped up during the pandemic, and knowing how to increase sales of stationery products can help you cash in. Pen and paper are in high demand, as people have gone back to journaling their daily lives during the pandemic. Card and calendar sales have also gone up to regain some semblance of normalcy in the new normal. Using a field sales monitoring app to track the activities of your sales reps can help increase their productivity and mobility.

How SalesQ Can Help Increase Sales of Stationery Products

SalesQ is very capable of tracking the activities of reps and showing key sales metrics in interactive dashboards that you can tweak as per your requirements. The data captured can be used to plan sales and increase revenue in the following ways:

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Real-Time Sales Activity Monitoring

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Increase Productivity With Efficient Task Management

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Track Targets

SalesQ can help you understand how many active customers you have. This can help determine stationery sales client volume. The targets in terms of the organizational goals or total revenue generated can also be tracked. The number of units shipped is another metric that helps keep track of sales operations. Individual visits completed by reps are clearly displayed by SalesQ to analyze the performance per rep. This is an acid test of stationery sales performance, and adjustments can be administered by tracking numbers.

View Heatmap of Visits

Geo-fencing can help you make sure that stationery sales agents are actually reporting from client locations, as the app will not take reports if the sales reps are not within assigned locations. This makes sure you do not miss out on essential deliveries going through, and revenue generation is maximized. Remote sales reps can also be sure that their visits are authenticated. It is possible to understand where most orders are being delivered, and measures can be taken to target these specific areas to deliver more to schools and offices.

Identify Top Customers

To know how to increase sales of stationery products, one must know figure out key accounts. SalesQ helps you identify top customers by displaying top customers by order size, and their spending per line of products. This can help you send reps who achieve the most targets to these clients. Superior customer service and follow-ups can help ensure you become the sole suppliers to top institutions and increase the sales of stationery products and increase revenue.

Use a Digital Product Catalog

A digital product catalog can be used formed by scanning barcodes in the app to form a brochure of your stationery products. This makes it extremely convenient for the sales reps to display products to customers and removes the usage of paper brochures. Paper brochures can be difficult to carry, and updates to products creates the need to be printed again, wasting resources. Stationery inventory can also be kept track of by using a digital product catalog to measure and replenish inventory.

Understand Trends

SalesQ provides interactive dashboards that can be adjusted to display data the way you want. These can be daily, weekly, or monthly reports. Compare and contrast data amongst various periods to understand fluctuations in sales and procure stationery inventory accordingly to supply according to demand. Use your top reps and most profitable territories to maximize sales by increasing store visits. Customer feedback can also be used to understand the current market and sell accordingly.


As the pandemic is on its last leg, sales of most products are ramping up as offices and schools reopen. Knowing how to increase sales of stationery products by managing outside sales reps through a field sales monitoring app can help you boost your sales. Contact us today!