Accessibility to more business processes has been facilitated by the development of mobile phones and the internet as well thus increasing revenue. A business can benefit from the innovations by adopting digital tools to enhance the performance, transparency of sales reps, and increase revenue.

The key ways in which digitizing sales process can benefit field sales teams is to ensure that their operations run smoothly, generates more revenue, and automates the report execution process.

The use of mobile phones bridges the faults in the sales process and sales can also yield more output with the time they save. CloudApper SalesQ enables you to digitize the sales process and ultimately, increase revenue.

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Ways of Digitizing Sales Process

Digitization of the sales process gives you better control over your sales teams while also offering the assurance of higher revenue in several ways. They are:

Verify Authenticity of Check-ins

It helps with location check-ins and field sales reps can make reports from their locations. This aspect often gives managers quite the headache of wondering whether their reps are actually where they have been assigned to work.

Since managers cannot be in the field with them, it might be impossible to verify. Using the Geo-fencing technology of SalesQ, managers can determine the location of their reps as it enables them to make reports from designated areas.

Use Sales Data Analytics

You can gain access to real-time data that will help you build a better business and make excellent selling decisions when you get a good view of sales metrics. With the metrics, the sales process becomes less haphazard as the company’s focus is more precise. The insight provided via the data dashboards and the visual representations helps to make better sales decisions.

Share Strategies in Real-time

Using a central platform does more good than harm that will aid the digitization of the sales process because the managers can provide counsel when needed in the field.

The tasks of the reps become much easier, and they align much easily to the company’s culture and strategies to increase profits. Managers may take advantage of an app like SalesQ to set up training programs. It can also be used as a medium of strategic communication to improve the sales process.

Provide Reps With a Digital Catalog

A rep can scan the barcodes of products to access the digital product catalog and learn about the product information for better pitching.

The representatives can then display it to customers, and it improves the company’s outlook. It also reduces the cost of printing manual paper catalogs and helps increase company revenue in the long term.

Give Reps Customer Information

Granting sales reps access to customer information can help them to sell more and faster. It enhances better deliveries and improves the rate at which your business gets customers satisfied.

With SalesQ, managers can give reps access to necessary information about prospects, leads, and product order history. Access to the data enables them to develop strategies that will convert them to customers.

Final Thoughts

With this, your business will stay many steps ahead of the competition as you have great control over your sales teams and increase profit. You can adopt IoT or a cloud-based technology to achieve improved sales team performance.

SalesQ is a cloud-based field sales monitoring app that will enable you to use technology to transform your sales process using digital resources. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!