Let’s take a look at the features and pricing options of CloudApper SalesQ vs Geopointe field sales apps to help you choose the best option.

What is Geopointe?

Geopointe has partnered with Salesforce AppExchange and provides geolocation services at AppExchange. Geopointe basically provides administrators and managers the ability to geographically pinpoint their data to optimize business processes. Launched in 2010 in Irvine, California, Geopointe has numerous offices across the US.

As an alternative to SalesQ, Geopointe can be used to track prospects and clients and the needs of a salesforce to function. Route planning and understanding the behavior of prospects and customers can be achieved through Geopointe. Geopointe, however, requires Salesforce to function, and the mobile module is not extremely robust.

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What is SalesQ?

CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that gives you the ability to make sure your sales reps are actually working. Reps can report from the field for better mobility, and the authenticity of their check-in locations is verified through geo-fencing, letting them check-in solely from the locations of their clients. It also has advanced sales metrics tracking for better sales management.


As an alternative to Geopointe, SalesQ allows you to take control of your sales teams through their mobile devices. Strategy can be communicated to the SalesQ module in the phones of reps directly for increased effectiveness. Marketing collateral can be sent to reps, and detailed reports on target achievement can be reviewed and shared with reps for increased effectiveness.

Currently, CloudApper SalesQ has a $10 per user per month subscription model, and the product can be adapted as per the necessity of your sales team, offering great flexibility.                           

Features Comparison Table

  Mobile App  
  Web & App Usage  
  Check-in Verification  
  Activity Monitoring  
  Summary Report  
  Real-Time Monitoring  
  Order Management  
  Task Management  
  Product Catalog  
  Inventory Management  

Top Reasons to Choose SalesQ

    When You Want to Take Control of your Sales Force-

SalesQ allows you to manage your sales team remotely by giving you insights on their activities and reports, along with target completion data. This can help you understand what is working, and what needs to be fixed to increase the effectiveness of your sales team.

    When Mobility is Required-

Complete and comprehensive reporting from the field can help you grant increased mobility to your sales reps for increased efficiency. This helps them sell better by reporting from the field and allows you to tweak operations in real-time.

    To Automate the Sales Force-

Automation of daily activities and reporting can be achieved through CloudApper SalesQ to make the job of reps easier by freeing up their time. SalesQ eliminates pen and paper processes, letting you monitor reps remotely and requiring no visits by the sales team to your office.

    When You Want to Find Out Whether Reps are Actually Working-

SalesQ’s geo-fencing feature will allow you to set perimeters at the locations of your clients. Your sales reps can only check-in from those locations, increasing the authenticity of reports. Reps also have to report on task completion, and a report of targets achieved keeps nudging them to perform better.

    To Understand Sales Metrics via Detailed Dashboards-

SalesQ reports its findings on the performance of your sales teams, top customers, revenue generation, and size of recent orders through interactive dashboards that help you make management decisions. Data can be used to identify latent trends and forecast sales projections for upcoming periods.

    To Get an Affordable Sales Force Monitoring Solution-

SalesQ starts at $10 per user per month and also grants access to a large library of CloudApper platform apps that can be used by each user to optimize your business processes. 

Top Reasons to Choose Geopointe

    When You Feel Like Salesforce is not Enough to Manage Client Data-

Geopointe allows you to group prospect data from Salesforce to see how they are geographically concentrated. This can help make plans for better selling decisions based on raw data collected in Salesforce by sales reps from the field. 

    To Optimize Route Planning-

If you feel like reps are wasting time by taking inefficient routes for deliveries, Geopointe can be used to optimize sales routes through data collected to get the best results from the visits of sales teams through route optimization.

                                             The Pricing Plan

No free plan No free plan
Starts at $10 per user per month Starts at $55 per user per month
Unlimited Apps from CloudApper marketplace  

The Final Verdict

CloudApper SalesQ and Geopointe are both field sales software. SalesQ is more focused on monitoring your sales team through their phones to increase your revenue. Geopointe uses the Salesforce platform to grant you better visibility into the information on clients gathered by the sales team.

Since profit maximization is the key goal of organizations, we suggest you pick SalesQ to bring greater control over the actions of your sales teams, give them greater mobility, and automate sales processes to increase efficiency. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!