When trying to effectively keep track of your company’s sales performance, it is important to establish which Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important and apply to you and your company.

Key Performance Indicator

The uses of KPIs help a great deal with a company’s overall performance. Once you have identified KPIs that are best suited for your company, you will be able to focus on them and use them to your benefit. KPIs include factors such as your company’s total revenue, your revenue by product or product line as well as your market penetration. Factors such as the percentage of revenue from new business and the percentage of revenue from already existing customers help to indicate how well your company is doing or where more work needs to be done.

Tips to successfully track your performance in sales

It is important to always set both short and long term goals for your business as this will act as a guideline and keep you reminded of your expectations. In order to keep track of your sales performance, you need to monitor daily tasks, track emails, and keep an eye on your company’s sales history. You also need to implement a strategy in which you conduct daily follow-ups with your sales team. This would be made easier through the use of an application that makes use of geofencing that allows you to monitor the everyday tasks of your sales reps on the go. An application such as SalesQ allows companies to not only track daily engagements, but also track the number of sales orders created. This application helps to improve productivity as sales reps are encouraged to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently as they are being monitored. Managing your sales force is also a vital step in keeping track of your sales performance and can easily be done through an application that allows for real-time monitoring.

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An application such as SalesQ allows supervisors to create teams in which tasks are assigned and the field force is monitored. A record of sales visits and market feedback is also made available through this application, which plays a role in the monitoring of sales as you are kept up to date with the overall performance of your company.

When keeping track of your sales performance, one needs to make sure that there is always concrete data of stock readily available as well as records of sales flow, product movement as well as any complaints on products. In keeping track of your sales performance, it is vital that no task is overlooked and that there is an integrated task management system that provides notifications on the progress that is being made.