The daily sales plan is an amalgamation of the targets you want to achieve, the prospects you want to target, and the methods you want to utilize in achieving your sales objectives. In other words, it is the instructions your sales reps should abide by each day to generate meaningful conversions that drive revenue for your business.

The correct sales plan can help you be prepared for each and every hurdle coming your way, and a mobile app can be utilized to make sure that sales reps follow the schedule properly. CloudApper is a low-code platform that helps you create the right apps for your business through drag and drop options. SalesQ by CloudApper is a field sales monitoring app that can be installed on mobile devices that helps you make sure reps follow your plans.

How to Make Sure Sales Reps Follow Your Daily Sales Plan

SalesQ can help you track the progress of your sales reps to make sure they are following plans in the following ways:

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Track Targets

Sales targets should be meticulously tracked, as they can give you a clear picture of whether reps are performing or not. A field sales monitoring app like SalesQ can give you a clear picture through a dashboard that displays how reps are progressing by showcasing target progression. Total revenue achievement and units sold are also displayed to ensure reps are achieving company objectives.

Authenticate Check-ins

Whether sales reps are actually making visits should be tracked through modern methods instead of word-of-mouth reports. Some sales reps falsify reports, which hurts revenue and conversions, decreasing customers. Geo-fencing can be used to allow your sales reps to provide check-in data only when they are present at client locations.

Access Visit Logs

SalesQ allows you to check the visit logs to make sure reps are following daily visit plans. This lists the customers they are visiting, visit details, and updates on the prospects for better visibility into their work. This allows you to understand whether the sales operation is going smoothly, or whether reps should be reassigned to make sure valuable prospects are being served by the best reps.

Use Dashboards

Visual dashboards can help you view the progress of sales reps by displaying visits completed, target progress, orders delivered, and visits completed per customer among other things. This can help you spot whether things are working or not, and make adjustments if any rep is lagging behind through providing strategic communication directly through their phones.

View Daily Updates

Sales reps can comment on how they believe they performed to evaluate themselves at the end of the day through SalesQ. This can help them perform better, as they will have to assign a rating to the quality of work they produced along with descriptions of what could be done to improve the quality of their work.


Whether sales reps are following plans should be carefully tracked to ensure sales teams follow processes as managers want and generate increased revenue. A mobile app can be installed on their phones to track their progress. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you track the progress of sales reps. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!