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Robert Brown | Posted on October 4, 2021 / in Sales Force Management / 1277 views

Are You Distributing Sales Compensation Fairly Amongst Reps?

Providing the right sales compensation can make or break the performance of sales teams. Sales reps have opportunities, so offering the right mix of fixed and variable compensation is essential to keep reps engaged. Well-paid reps are guaranteed to perform and generate good results for your company.

Sales compensation is usually increased if reps regularly hit their targets, and sales KPIs are used to provide variable compensation. A mobile app can be used to make sure reps can dynamically report from the field, which can help track their progress.

CloudApper is a low-code platform that lets you create customized apps for your business through drag and drop options. CloudApper SalesQ can help your reps report through their phones for proper compensation disbursement.

Hayat Lambert Total Deploys SalesQ to Manage Their Petroleum Oil & Gas Sales Distribution and  Stock Levels

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Hayat Lambert Total Deploys SalesQ to Manage Their Petroleum Oil & Gas Sales Distribution and Stock Levels

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Why Monitor Sales Activities for Fair Sales Compensation Distribution?

Monitoring the progress of your sales reps can help disburse benefits and make projections.

Fair Compensation Distribution

Tracking sales targets through SalesQ can help you track the visits completed by individual reps as well as the number of orders they have delivered. This data, along with the size of orders, can help you decide how much compensation should be provided to reps, who is doing an outstanding job, and who should be provided more training.

Reduced Turnover

The turnover of sales reps can be decreased if their work is properly tracked, and compensation is provided as per their efforts. This can help in providing promotions, and also help assign reps to important projects based on their level of performance. SalesQ helps you in tracking the level of sales activity per rep to provide the right compensation.

CloudApper SalesQ for Field Sales Monitoring

CloudApper SalesQ allows you to view the progress of reps in the following ways:

Track Target Completion

Sales reps can be monitored through their phones using CloudApper SalesQ, which allows reps to submit reports from the field. This allows for increased mobility through real-time, on-field reporting. Check-in location is also verified through geo-fencing. Tracking targets in this way can help you manage progress from your office, and disburse compensation based on daily KPI achievements.

Check Order Size

SalesQ allows you to distribute sales compensation fairly using order size. Commission can be based on the size of the deal procured, and SalesQ provides a dashboard that shows order details, top customers, customers by order, total orders delivered, and inventory count. These aspects help you to determine sales activity and provide adequate compensation.

Benefits of Tracking Performance to Distribute Compensation Properly

Assessing the performance of reps through their phones can help you provide the following benefits:

Satisfied Sales Reps

Reps can benefit if their performance is adequately measured, as this will help them gain proper compensation. Reporting from phones is easier, flawless, and eliminates pen and paper processes. Reps can invest the time saved to perform better and gain better benefits, which helps both the company and them.

Increased Revenue

Reps will not be able to falsify data if they report through SalesQ. This will help to provide adequate compensation and decrease losses. Projection of performance and sales will also be accurate, helping to make increased profits. All this can be affordably achieved through the use of a cost-effective mobile app.

Distribution of sales compensation can be tricky if you do not have a sales force monitoring system. Tracking whether tasks are actually being completed can help in generating more revenue and keeping reps satisfied through adequate compensation disbursement. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you track the activities of sales reps to provide the right compensation. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

CloudApper SalesQ & OMNI ERP integration


CloudApper SalesQ & OMNI ERP integration

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