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Robert Brown | Posted on July 13, 2021 / in Sales Force Management / 1428 views

Benefits of Digital Transformation in Sales Management

Transformation into more digital platforms can improve the sales management process with a tectonic shift from laborious analog processes to more automated systems that aids the selling process.

It helps to improve the way data collection is carried out, the more data is being collected, the better it is to optimize business operations.It is important for business and selling processes to undergo digitization to reach sales targets more efficiently,

recognize cross-selling opportunities, and proper data analysis. SalesQ is a good software that can be put to such use for transforming the sales management process.

Abraham Seyoum Transport and Spare Parts Import Employs SalesQ to Digitally Manage Their Sales  & Inventory Records

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Abraham Seyoum Transport and Spare Parts Import Employs SalesQ to Digitally Manage Their Sales & Inventory Records

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Benefits of Digital Transformation

The goal of digital transformation is to help improve sales and make the selling process more effective. This can be done in several ways:

No Manual Data Entry

Sales agents can input sales data activity on their phones. They do not have to come back to the office to enter data manually into spreadsheets.  This is the practice of the olden days business or sales organizations who have stacks of files in vaults.

Sales performance becomes more visible as they are made and the selling process can be monitored by the managers. SalesQ can be used to gather data from the phones of reps and further streamline the sales management process.

All data are stored on the cloud and can be accessed for comparison with new and future data references. It can help to plot a better direction for an organization’s increased productivity and evaluation of the progress recorded over a period.

Better Strategy Communication

It enables the situation of all sales strategies and training methods in one central place. It aids better organization of information and guidelines for both managers and sales teams in the fields.

The goal is to help the teams to work efficiently towards the achievement of the organization’s goals. With efficient communication, sales reps comply and a significant reduction in the problems arising in the sales process is attainable if the guiding rules are well communicated.

Proper Target Distribution

It enables easy coordination of targets assigned across multiple sales teams by tracking completion rates. The manager of a sales team sure knows his or her team members best and based on target difficulty or priority he can assign tasks to each team member.

The best sales team can be assigned to handle customers that provide the highest returns. The organization’s overall revenue can easily be tracked. SalesQ provides metrics necessary to track the digitization of the selling process.

Sales Team Tracking

Tracking the location of the sales team should be done to make sure that they perform well and visit they assigned locations. Geo-fencing technology can be used to verify the check-in points of the reps in their place of assignment.

The authenticity of the visits is increased by team members. This tracking system only works in assigned places of sales operation for each team or unit. Thus, if the team members of the team are off-duty, there is no need for checking in or tracking them via the application.

Better Awareness of Customers

Adequate information about customers needs to be passed to each member of the sales team. Such data may not contain otherwise personal data about the client but should entail the interests of the individual or family.

The sales team should have direct access to customer profiles based on the indicated needs of the clients. The selling process and effort committed by the sales team gain a more personal touch in their customer approach. It would also help them know the purchasing power of the client and what the client would most definitely prefer at a particular period.

SalesQ helps to monitor client profiles and the sales reps can have access to it from the field to aid better sales efforts and profit maximization. The privacy of the personal data of the sales agent is secure on their mobile phones. The software does not collect extra personal information from the agent other than the ones specified by the business he or she works for.


The sales team can be empowered with digital tools to transform the sales management process. It also provides increased communication between the sales team and their managers while also offering clear insight into the needs of customers.

SalesQ is an efficient tool that can be used to facilitate the digital transformation of the sales management process for generating better profit. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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CloudApper SalesQ & OMNI ERP integration

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