The field sales management process can be simplified by using a cloud-based field sales monitoring app. CloudApper is a no-code platform that can help you build enterprise apps to run your business from a phone. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales tracking software that can help you take control of your sales reps. It is a viable Geopointe alternative and has great utility. SalesQ allows you to manage your reps through their phones, increasing mobility.

Geopointe helps you to focus on geographical sales data. It integrates with Salesforce, and lets managers and administrators dig down on geographical data. However, the app has loading issues and has difficulty mapping large amounts of data. SalesQ, on the other hand, has fast loading times. The app is highly optimized to let your reps work through their phones. Let us take a look at some of the cons of Geopointe:

Cons of Geopointe

Geopointe does not allow for sales routes to be mapped out on Google Calendar. Sifting through geographical data can be quite cumbersome as well. The UX can also use massive improvements. Connectivity with Salesforce is also quite poor and going back to Salesforce to make changes is not possible.

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Navigation is also quite clumsy, and it can take a bit of training to get used to. The number of areas that can be assigned is around ten, which is not enough. There is also no way to download reports. The app solely relies on Salesforce to function, so if Salesforce is down, Geopointe goes down as well.

Why SalesQ Is the Better Alternative

SalesQ allows you to set a Geo-fencing option that lets you make sure reps check in from desired locations. The app can be downloaded to reps’ phones to track data. Multiple instances of the app can be opened by you in the CloudApper platform for different teams. You can easily plot locations and track data to understand which locations are doing better than others. Dashboards display trends to help you make better decisions.

SalesQ provides data through interactive dashboards that can help you make business decisions. As an alternative to Geopointe, SalesQ is also highly customizable to allow your reps to report from the field, increasing their efficiency. The app also integrates with Sage200 and OMNI Accounts to help reps assign stocks from the field. The app can be customized to create your own versions that can help you work the way you want.

Comparison and Pricing

While both are mobile apps for sales management, SalesQ allows you the ability to set Geo-fencing, monitor tasks, view order details, make a product catalog by scanning barcodes, and manage inventories. The app also tracks sales history, making it possible to identify trends. You can check out the features of SalesQ vs. Geopointe to understand which is the better alternative. Bot apps have trial periods, but the pricing plans vary significantly:

  The Pricing Plan: 

No free plan No free plan
Starts at $10 per user per month Starts at $55 per user per month
Unlimited Apps from CloudApper marketplace  

The Final Verdict

CloudApper SalesQ is a highly customizable app for monitoring your sales force and is a viable alternative to Geopointe. Take control of your sales teams and ensure they perform at their best by having this mobile app installed on their phones. Contact us now and enjoy a range of customizable apps by CloudApper.