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How Can a Field Sales Monitoring App Help You Handle Sales Complaints?

Scaling your business properly requires knowing how to handle customer complaints. If there are negative reviews and general dissatisfaction among customers in terms of issues not being resolved, there will be dwindling sales. It is essential that you equip your outside sales reps with the resources they need to document complaints.

Customer complaints are a natural part of any selling process and recording and addressing them can help ramp up goodwill and sales. CloudApper is a no-code platform that allows you to build custom apps that help you run your business through a phone. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you record and resolve complaints.

Why Handle Sales Complaints?

Customer issues with products and the general quality of service should be addressed for the following reasons:

Extract 100% from your Field Sales Team
- Double Your Revenue

Real-Time Sales Activity Monitoring

Mobile App Facilitates Working on the Go

Increase Productivity With Efficient Task Management

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To Make Sure Sales Teams Are Performing Well

The activities and the quality of service of sales reps can be reflected in the feedback provided by customers. Taking feedback into account can help you coach your reps and help them become better sellers to increase revenue. SalesQ allows you to record client feedback for better sales operations.

To Improve Product Features

Since end products are for customers, listening to feedback and customizing products can help increase the adoption rates. This can help rake in revenue through repeat purchases and favorable reviews that can help you increase your business and meet and exceed targets.

CloudApper SalesQ for Field Sales Monitoring

CloudApper SalesQ helps you monitor the tasks of sales reps and manage customers.

Maintain Customer Accounts

SalesQ allows you and your reps to create customer accounts and store essential customer details like contact info. Reps can also record notes on customer feedback that can be read and resolved by managers to create value for the company by means of issue resolution. Integration with ERPs like OMNI can also allow reps to directly assign stock to customer accounts.

Track Rep Interactions

Follow-ups, up-selling, and cross-selling opportunities are all part of frequent visits and can help gather customer complaints and manage them. SalesQ allows you to measure interactions and their impact on revenue numbers from one period to another. You can send strategic guidance and training modules as well to help reps sell and manage clients better.

Benefits of Managing Customer Complaints Through a Field Sales App

There are numerous benefits of adequate sales complaint management, such as:

Increase in Brand Trust

Providing adequate post-sales customer service can help your customers feel like you listen and help increase their confidence in your brand. This can have long-term benefits in terms of repeat purchases that add to your revenue. Positive word of mouth will also create new users as customers become your vocal advocates if you know how to manage sales complaints.

Product Innovation

Listening to the feedback of buyers can help you come up with new products that can help capture untapped markets and create a new customer base. This can help you stay ahead of the competition and create products that awe and attract new and existing customers to generate more profits.

Over to You

Now that you understand the benefits of how managing sales complaints can help grow your business, it is time to adopt a digital solution to manage sales reps. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you manage reps and record customer complaints about swift resolution as they are recorded on the go, from the field. Contact us today!

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